Run A Safe and Efficient Construction Site With These Tips

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Run A Safe and Efficient Construction Site With These Tips

Construction is an area of employment that no matter what changes technology brings about will always be necessary. We always need buildings – new homes, new schools, new hospitals and new shopping centres, and while technology can certainly help to make building these easier, it will never replace a group of skilled human workers.

However, because of the very nature of the job – not to mention the health and safety implications – overseeing a team of construction workers and a site needs prudent management. Here, we look at how you can do this.

Be on top of health and safety.

This is the biggest responsibility that you have, not only for the people working on the site but for the general public who may be walking past. The site should be checked daily to make sure it is safe, and regular risk assessments carried out. Make sure that every single person on the site, from foremen to labourers, as well as any visitors,  are aware of the health and safety policies that have been put in place.

Keep up to date with training.

Following on from the previous point, make sure that everyone is fully trained and up to date with knowledge in the area that they are working in – if there are any issues, take them off it and put someone on the job that knows precisely what to do. For example, if you are using Stone CNC Tools, make sure whoever is using them understands how they work and is able to use them carefully.

Make sure that you are organised.

Make sure every tool, every material and every piece of equipment has its place, and once it has been finished with, it is put back. This will save hours of valuable time hunting around a vast site looking for a particular tool, will reduce the risk of things getting lost or damaged and allow you to keep an inventory. It makes the whole site a lot more productive. Not only that, a well organised and tidy site is an awful lot safer, and looks a lot more professional for visitors and clients.

Make sure that everyone understands the pecking order.

If there is no clear pecking order, it can be difficult for people to know where to turn if there is an issue, and can lead to tensions on site. Make it clear who is the next person above in a team, from a supervisor for that particular area to overall site manager, and whom they need to report to.

Pay Your Bills

Last, but certainly not least, keeping on top of costs and making sure that bills are paid in a timely manner is important if you want a project to run smoothly. It also helps you when you need a favour, such as a delivery by the end of the day. Suppliers and sub-contractors will remember if you are a lax payer, and are much less likely to want to cooperate with you in the future!



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