Rise Of The Machines: Why Digital Marketing Has Buried Traditional

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Rise Of The Machines: Why Digital Marketing Has Buried Traditional

It’s easy to see that there’s been a considerable shift away from traditional marketing and towards digital or online methods in recent years. The sheer size of the niche these days is pretty amazing when you consider the fact most people hadn’t even heard of “digital marketing” in the early noughties! In this post, we’ll look at just why more and more businesses are ditching traditional marketing methods and investing more in digital materials…

Reduced Investment

With the right tools, and a little bit of networking, a great digital marketing campaign will only take a relatively small investment. If you decide to go totally digital with your marketing efforts, it will completely eliminate the need for you to pay out for expensive advertising channels, such as newspapers, magazines and similar traditional channels.

Better Engagement

Digital Marketing

Back in the days where all marketing was what we now call “traditional”, marketing was a one-way street. Business owners paid for  print or TV ads, their customer base would receive it, and then they’d cross their fingers hoping that they’d make some returns on their investment. This has all changed. Modern online marketing means a constant two-way dialogue between the seller and the consumer. This is especially prevalent when we look at the relatively young marketing niche of social media. For the first time in history, customers have a direct line of contact to business owners literally at their fingertips. Back in the nineties, a business could afford to ignore most phone calls and letters regarding minor qualms about their product or service. Now, if someone posts on your company Facebook page, it’s extremely unprofessional to just let it sit there!

Easy to Measure

Another big secret behind the rise of digital marketing is that it’s so easy to measure the results of it, see what is and isn’t working in real time, and then make changes accordingly. Tools such as Google analytics and other, more advanced platforms have made it easier than ever to see the kind of traffic that’s coming into your website, where it’s coming from, and what proportion of idle visitors are actually converting into customers. This has given rise to the exceedingly useful tactic of A/B testing.

It’s Levelled the Playing Field

When traditional marketing was the only form of marketing, you needed a pretty substantial budget, and probably some contacts in high places, if you wanted to compete with industry giants. However, due to the sheer accessibility of digital marketing, it’s now possible and practical for a brand of any size to compete with another brand of any size. Modern digital marketing services usually apply very flexible pricing systems, meaning that you can give your brand a massive booster for a relatively small amount. Aside from a hosting service, it’s even possible to market your business for free, provided you have a competent knowledge of SEO and enough time on your hands. If you thought you couldn’t swim with the big fish, think again!

There you have the main factors behind the massive rise of digital marketing.

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