Rebranding Done Right

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Rebranding Done Right

You might love your brand a lot. But sometimes no amount of TLC is enough to bring it up to date and in line with what consumers expect. Often your target market will grow impatient, even disinterested in your old brand as your industry evolves and becomes more competitive.

When faced with these challenges, what should you do? Take a look at how some of these companies handled it in the past.

Old Spice

Old Spice is a stalwart brand in the toiletries space. Before 2010, it could be found in most supermarkets, but the brand itself didn’t really have a lot of gravitas. It was mostly associated with old men and was seen as uninteresting and stagnant.

old spice

Then the company decided that they were going to do something different. They came out with a new advert featuring the athlete Isaiah Mustafa and tried to make their product younger and sexier. The advert actually worked, partly because it upended so many people’s perceptions. Not only that, but the new adverts were actually funny, showing that Old Spice didn’t really take itself all that seriously. Over time it extended its advertising online and on YouTube, playing on the types of things that millennial find funny. Now it’s got a marketing approach that appeals to young and old alike.


Burberry’s experience is a fantastic example of what can happen when you go to a branding agency. At the end of the 1990s, Burberry was a brand that was suffering. It had long been desirable, but it had caught the eye of gangs who wore it as a status symbol. The rest of the public slowly started associating Burberry with criminality, and the share price of the brand collapsed.


Back in 2001, the company got new leadership and began to migrate out of some of the lines that were formerly associated with the enterprise. Burberry began to experiment with things like swimming costumes and trenchcoats – things that the criminals wouldn’t want to wear. Soon Burberry had distanced itself from the underclass as was back in favor again with the regular public.


The rebranding of McDonald’s has been going on for a long time; at least since the late 1990s and probably earlier. The problem with the brand is that it has always been associated with dirt cheap food that is convenient. But as incomes slowly rise and standards elsewhere on the high street go up, McDonald’s has increasingly found itself the butt of many jokes.

The restaurant chain also got a lot of flack after the film Supersize Me was released, which confirmed many of the fears that people had about the food. Turns out that it really does kill you.

The brand, therefore, went through a transformation. It wants to move upmarket and away from the Mcnugget era of old. It wants to prove through new lines and new products that it has grown up. And it wants to make people proud to walk into a McDonalds by improving the decor and the cleanliness of its toilets. The brand, incredibly, is recovering and doing well.


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