Reasons why your next company should be in recycling

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Reasons why your next company should be in recycling

It seems barely a day goes by these days without climate change and global warming making the headlines. Most scientists agree there is now substantial and indisputable evidence that man’s destructive influence on the world is now nearing a critical point when, if we don’t start making changes soon, the planet will be irreversibly damaged.

With governments and leaders around the world scrabbling to play catch up on greenhouse gas emissions and trying to achieve greener credentials, our need for recycling has never been greater.

Recycling helps the planet in countless ways from reducing deforestation and mining to curbing the harmful effects of over-production and our use of fossil fuels. By recycling materials, we can put existing products to additional uses and help moderate the exploitation of the world’s resources.

One person’s trash is another person’s treasure

By default, starting a recycling business should be relatively easy – you just need to find the right trash to turn into treasure. Of course, it’s a little more involved than just going through bins, but the underlying premise is the same: taking discarded goods and putting them to another use. Here are just a few ways you could start a recycling business with even the most modest of budgets:

Buying, reselling or repurposing clothing: In today’s throw-away fashion culture, buying and selling clothing can prove a highly lucrative endeavor. Clothes are so cheap these days that one-wear-clothing has become a reality for some people and finding perfectly good items for recycling has become considerably easier. Try going to local yard sales or auctions or put an advert in your local press. There are also many apps and websites like eBay where you could find a bargain. Pollution through clothing is becoming global problem – by recycling, you can help curb the trend while making a little extra money.

Try placing bins in strategic places: Check to see what recycling facilities your local county provides and, if you find a service is missing, try placing branded bins in strategic locations around your neighborhood. Most municipalities take a very generalized approach to recycling, so you may find gaps in the market for clothing, aluminum, glass or steel recycling. When you’ve collected enough material, bundle it up using professional waste management products from sites like and take it to your local scrap yard or recycler for reselling. There are countless examples of small-scale recycling companies operating all over the US providing this valuable additional service in neighborhoods.

Looking for antiques or collectibles: When people are decluttering their homes, they rarely have time to check the value of each individual item and it’s surprisingly common how many bargains you can find at yard sales or online auction sites. Retro items have never been more popular while other collectibles such as stamps, art, antiques and old-style furniture will never go out of style. Try referencing items online to work out their true value and see if there’s room for marking up.

Recycling computers and parts: Computers and gadgets date and go out of fashion quickly but that doesn’t mean that their parts age at the same rate. Look at picking up old computers cheap (or even for free) and salvaging their constituent parts to turn a profit. Hard disks, motherboards and processors will still have value – even if it means breaking them apart and removing the valuable metals. Other larger parts like cases, keyboards and screens can be resold to generate income.

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