Quick Time Saving Tips for Startups

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Quick Time Saving Tips for Startups

If you are launching a new business then the one thing that you have the least of right now is time. From setting up office space, getting registered, speaking to your accountant and not to mention marketing, you will have your hands well and truly full at this point.

If you are struggling and wishing that there were some extra hours in the day, then you probably need a helping hand. There are lots of tasks that you can delegate to companies, like your accounts to your accountant or your portfolio management to investment companies like Carnegie but that still leaves quite a lot of tasks for you to do.

Lets look at some tools and methods that might help you to save some time:

Marketing – If you are looking to take care of your own marketing then you haven’t got time to test the waters when it comes to rolling out your marketing strategy. Use templates from marketing experts to structure your strategy and read up on the latest marketing trends to make sure you don’t waste a lot of time and money on an outdated and ineffective marketing technique. You won’t have time to become an overnight marketing expert, so take the advice of those who already are.


Automation and Systems – There are lots of free apps and tools that you can use to help automate some parts of your administrative tasks. Take a look at Freshbooks and other alternatives for automated invoicing or PayPal for quick and easy payment methods. Trello is an excellent project/time management system that is free and will enable you to easily delegate work amongst a team.

Equipment – If you have an old PC or laptop chugging away, then you aren’t working at your optimal output. Having up to date systems and equipment might cost an initial outlay but will pay for themselves in improving efficiency. Have you set up your equipment in the best way? If you constantly need to print, make sure that the printer is set up close by.

Remove distractions – If you’re working from home or in another environment where there are lots of distractions, then you will be losing time throughout the day. Set up your working environment so you have as little going on around you that can distract you as possible. If there are other people distracting you, shut yourself away sojmewhere peaceful so you can get on with your work.

Take a break – It might not sound like it will save you time but if you having been working away for hours without a break then you have probably hit a plateau of low productivity. Your brain can’t function at its best if you don’t give it the odd rest. Give yourself a lunch break and try and get some fresh air or even some exercise to get your productivity levels back up and have you raring to go.





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