How have property brochures increased company’s sales over the years?

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How have property brochures increased company’s sales over the years?

When a real estate company wants to boost its profits by selling apartments or flats, listings for them should be placed online. Many people who are looking for a new home don’t have a lot of free time and, therefore, look online at sites which list properties. Having properties listed online is one of the many marketing tools which a real estate utilises. This is because property brochures are also just as vital.

Profiling key properties

Although people who are searching for a new home can look online, a property brochure can also help them with making a final decision on what they should buy or rent. After they have visited a real estate company, a brochure can be taken away and referred to by a home seeker whenever they want to. Although a website address can be bookmarked, properties can only be viewed when someone is online – a property brochure can be referred to when it is opened.

Local newspapers

Not only can a property brochure be put into a real estate company’s premises but also newspapers. Many newspapers typically have one day every week where a booklet is included that contains properties for sale or rent. When a property brochure is in a local or national newspaper, this can drive sales. In heavily populated areas, such as London and Edinburgh, valuable properties can be in such brochures. As a result, greater attention can be directed towards properties which real estate companies will receive a bigger percentage of.


The key of selling properties is to help home seekers imagine that the flat or house which they are looking at in a brochure is where they want to live. As a property brochure has photographs, this gives them an idea of what its interiors and exteriors are like. As a typical brochure has multiple images, this can convince a home seeker that the property they are reading about is what they should make an offer on.

Greater detail

When a property is listed online, a description of it is normally very brief in order to capture someone’s attention. However, brochures can be very detailed. This gives a real estate company the opportunity to mention a lot of information. A property brochure can have data about an energy efficiency rating, a statement about the property from its current owner and room dimensions. When a website contains this information, it can appear cluttered. However, as a property brochure has several pages, a lot of text can be spread out over many of them.

Readable by everyone

Not every person has access to the internet. When a real estate company distributes scores of brochures, they can be picked up by people who don’t have an internet connection and rely on them to find their next home. If home seekers that aren’t online are ignored, this can affect a real estate company’s profit margins. This is because the home seekers that have a lot of expendable income but aren’t online cannot find a property which a real estate company has for sale or rent. However, when a real estate company provides property brochures, this can increase its sales figures because there is a greater awareness of its flats and houses.



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