Promote Safety with Revolutionary FRP Stair Nosing

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Promote Safety with Revolutionary FRP Stair Nosing

Numerous advancements have taken place over time especially when it comes to health & safety. There have been many developments which have also taken place in the world of construction. Undoubtedly stairs are one of the important functions when it comes to health & safety. Various modifications have been completed in this part to ensure safety is maintained and developed at all times. Stair nosing is one such advancement that helps to make the stairs safe to use and will be a fundamental part in health & safety.

Stairs can be a major reason for accidents and nosing is a major health & safety precaution that is implemented in industrial sites as well as the residential areas. Most people make use of lifts but stairs are also used by many employees so it is important that the correct safety measures are in place to prevent accidents.

What Exactly is Stair Nosing:

The name makes it very clear that the whole process is applied on the stairs. A material is embedded on the surface of the stairs that provides an additional space and also acts as an anti-slip material. Colorful stair nosing systems provide a good visual contact and as a result, prevent the number of accidents.

Previously these were manufactured with traditional metals, but in recent times FRP materials are used for this purpose. The use of FRP as a nosing system reduces accidents, and the resistant property of this product acts as a safeguard. Apart from these, the light weight and cheap price of these materials made them the only choice for constructors.

Purpose of Stair Nosing:

It is very clear that the stair nosing is implemented due to numerous reasons. This is an effective technique that not only helps to reduce accidents, but also enhances the looks of the area.

Provides Additional Space:

In this system, an additional product is embedded on the surface of the stairs. This increases the space and provides an additional area to place your feet. Frequently, accidents occur due to lack of space on the stairs. An FRP Stair nosing system cuts down the chances of accidents and helps in providing a safer environment.

Prevents Wear And Tear:

Most of the architects make use of this system in recent times as they are very efficient.  Apart from reducing the number of accidents, the stair nosing system also helps to keep the stairs in a good shape. The additional materials on the edges of the stairs safeguard it from getting broken edges. Stairs with broken edges not only look univiting but also makes the area prone to accidents.


Numerous studies have proved that the majority of the accidents in stairs occur due to less visibility. People miss out steps and end up with broken bones. By fitting a stair nosing with FRP products, you can avoid accidents. As FRP materials come in different colors, so it is always suggested to choose a stair nosing system.

Enhances the Looks:

The colorful products that are used for this system enhance the look of the area in an immense way. FRP materials in this case are appropriate as it comes in different designs and styles. When these stylish materials are used, it makes the area look immensely eye-catching. This is a revolutionary system that proves to be helpful in every way.

Brighter colored products, when embedded on the edges of the stairs, help to get a better visibility and also become easy to spot the steps. Regardless of whether it is a residential area or a commercial one, a stair nosing system is of great help. So keep your residence safe with stair nosing. Remember during a potential fire at work, Stairs will be the main fire exit so having visual and safety proof stairs will be critical.


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