The Practical Guide To Unveiling Your Startup

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The Practical Guide To Unveiling Your Startup

Startups are a dime a dozen these days, as it seems everyone with even the smallest of entrepreneurial instincts are attempting to capitalize on any idea they have to mind. Despite the seeming condemnation of that sentence, this is actually a great thing. Ideas brought to reality through business action, increase competition in the marketplace, give consumers wider options for purchasing and it its final estimation, improves the quality of business as a whole.

Let’s say you’ve finally decided to take the plunge, and open a startup. You’ve gotten all the busywork out of the way when it comes to developing an idea, creating a business plan, designing the original product, and gathering together a team of people you’re happy to help you work at your growth for the upcoming years. But so far, this has been hush-hush, behind the scenes. You finally believe you’re ready to unveil yourself and your idea to the public, your targeted sales demographics, and other businesses alike.

What’s the best way to achieve this? Well having a reveal event of course! This is a great way to dramatically and theatrically show yourself to the world, to make a big splash in the world of commerce. It’s your opportunity to say, “here we are! We’ve something great to offer, and we’re here to stay.” There’s a relatively high failure rate when it comes to new startups, so people are automatically quite hesitant to listen to another sales pitch after they’ve heard them all their lives.

What will differentiate you? The unveiling you give yourself now. If it’s tasteful, humorous, and a spectacle, you can be sure people will remember you. Here are a few tips to making your event as amazing as it deserves to be.

Be Creative

Creativity is your biggest ally here. Dependent on the product or service you’re trying to sell, you might get away with more than you think. If you’ve always wanted to have a 50’s style show, complete with dancing girls in swan costumes while disco balls shoot glints of colored light around the room, now’s your chance. Just make sure that you do it tastefully, and understand that it has to relate to the product.

Don’t let creativity overtake being informative. The consumers watching your show need to know what the product is about, need a price point, and need to know where to purchase it. They need to know how to contact you. But altogether, they need to be able to remember all of this information in a way that sticks. Make sure that it’s clear, concise, colorful and memorable.

Be Inviting

Invite all of your competitors, the press, testers of your product, anyone you can think of. Numbers of the audience directly responds to the exposure you get. Invite social media platforms to broadcast it live from your profiles. Try and get a hashtag trending for the event. The word you should constantly repeat to yourself, like a mantra, is ‘exposure, exposure, exposure.’ Make sure you craft it in a way that invites eyeballs, rather than pesters them to look your way.

Be Prepared

As mentioned before, you must keep persistent social media profiles. A countdown is always a great way to generate suspense. You must have a contingency prepared for any question that could be asked, you need to provide business cards, you also need to be ready for a large barrage of orders if your unveiling goes as well as intended. If you’re having trouble generating interest to begin with, consider scheduling the unveil event at an organized gathering that’s all about celebrating startups.

You’ll be able to ‘hijack’ the crowd in attendance and pay a small free to have them fill your audience seats. You also want to be sure that the person presenting your event, if not you, is someone who’s skilled at public speaking. This is your first interaction with the public, and you want it to be professional.

Be Insured

You need event insurance. Even the most tightly organized events are notorious for going wrong in some way. You want to prepare for this, in case your equipment breaks, there’s a public liability issue or damage you just plainly can’t foresee. Even if things do go wrong, the only damage will be to your startup’s ability to present. You can always reschedule your unveiling, but if you’re wiped financially before you can, you won’t get far

Be Expectant

Expect the unexpected. Be ready to adapt to anything. If your product breaks on stage, prepare to have footage you can subtly cut to showing the benefits and beauty of the product you’re selling. Make sure that no matter what goes wrong, you’ll come out looking smooth.

Overall, try not to stress. This is a celebration of all your hard work, and the more natural you feel, the more natural the show will be. Be sure to take care of the points listed here and you’ll have reason to relax.


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