How to Plan for Better User Engagement and Retention

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How to Plan for Better User Engagement and Retention

Completing the development process of a new app is one of the most exciting moments in running a startup. The next step is launching the app openly and delivering it into the hands of the users. What most startup founders don’t realize is that the challenges that come after the app is launched are often greater than those faced during the development process.

Maintaining a high level of user engagement from the start isn’t always easy. User retention is even trickier to deal with. A comprehensive plan is needed in order to achieve better user engagement and retention, but the tips and strategies we are going to cover in this article will help you tackle the basics without a problem.

Simplify the Onboarding Process

One of the main things that stops users from using your app is complication. You want the first experience every user has to be pleasant and smooth. A complicated onboarding process is a big no; your strategy should be to get users to the main features of the app as quickly and seamlessly as possible.

Skip the complicated review process and avoid overwhelming users with too much information. Instead, provide clear tutorials on how to maximize the app as users explore the app itself. Make the onboarding process as natural as possible for maximum user engagement.

Use Push Notifications with Moderation

Push notifications are very similar to pop-ups and newsletters. They are known to be effective in keeping users engaged and interested, but they can also hurt your app when used incorrectly. You want to keep push notifications highly moderated for the method to be effective.

Don’t just send generic information via push either. Make sure you engage users with relevant and contextual contents. This is the only way to keep users interested and for them to see your app as valuable enough to keep.

Act on User Feedbacks

There are many ways you can get feedbacks from your users. You can engage users directly through social media sites. You can also pay attention to the app reviews you get from early adopters. A recent article by Tech Exploring showed that users can earn Google Play credits by completing surveys; running surveys this way is also an effective way to capture valuable insights.

Don’t just stop at gathering insights though. You want to act on the best inputs from the users to maintain a high level of user engagement. Users love when the feedbacks they provide result in real improvement that they can use. You can even take the approach a step further by acknowledging the users whose feedbacks get implemented.


Apps with the highest retention rates are always apps that get improved regularly. It is much more important to maintain regular updates than to do several quick ones and then leaving a big gap. All of those incremental-but-regular updates help you build a stronger relationship with the app’s users. This too will result in higher user engagement and retention.

A comprehensive plan is needed in order for an app to retain its users optimally, but the basics we covered in this article are the perfect starting points. Before launching your app, make sure you use the tips we just discussed to plan for better user engagement and retention

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