Perfectly Productive: Boosting Your Employees Motivation in The Office

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Perfectly Productive: Boosting Your Employees Motivation in The Office

You might have a fantastic workforce, but every business can suffer from reduced productivity at times. Your employees are only human, and certain things can cause them to be demotivated and perhaps not work as hard as they could. Here are some of the ways you can go about improving the problem.

Update Your Office

An office that feels dark, dingy and depressing can lead to serious lack of de-motivation. Creating an office space that’s pleasant to work from on the other hand is likely to lead to happier and therefore more motivated employees. It doesn’t have to be anything too crazy, a lick of fresh paint, a professional clean and a change of layout will make all the difference. Aim to place desks by windows as the daylight is a natural mood booster! Living plants can also do this, it’s a cheap and effective way to make your office a more pleasing space, and in turn boost workflow. Do some research into some of the world’s most successful companies and see how they run their offices, you might be able to learn a few things! Some simple changes like adding a social area so staff dont need to leave the site each breaktime can save you precious minutes in those that are late returning. It can also help workers socialise and build bonds which can be useful when it comes to teamwork.

Run Team Building Events

Speaking of teamwork, improving this is one way you can boost the overall productivity of your team. Lots of companies offer events that can help with this, and have fun tasks such as treasure hunts and other novelty things to do that can all help to improve communication within the team. These are run up and down the country, find out what’s available close to you and consider booking it for your employees. Something as simple as buying lunch or dinner for the team now and again can help to. It brings everyone together and gets them chatting and communicating, it can also help them to feel valued in your company.

Use Business Software Over Manual Methods

If you’re still using manual methods in your business, you could be putting it at risk. Not only are some tasks tedious and time-consuming when done by a human, there’s more chance of them making an error. You have to pay an employee for their time when it’s something software could have done quicker and for free. It could be anything from rota planning software to accounting and finance software. It could be something more specific, for example AlgoTerminal for professional quants. Either way, using the right software will save you time and money. You can hire less employees, and the ones you do have can be used to their best potential. Do some research and find out which programs and software will best suit your company and what you do.

Be a Good Boss

If you’re the sort of boss that employees feel that they can approach with any issues, problems that arise are likely to get sorted much more quickly. Being an approachable boss helps to build up professional trust and shows employees that they’re valued as you will genuinely listen to what they have to say.  Be sure to take on board what your workers are saying and then take appropriate action to keep your workforce happy. It’s important not to be too strict as this has been shown to reduce productivity in the workplace due to employee stress. Instead, be the sort of boss that your workers feel comfortable speaking to. When you’re running things from the top, it’s easy to end up out of the loop as to what’s going on in your business. Having a good working relationship with employees can help you stay involved and make any necessary changes based on this information.

Boosting Your Employees Motivation

It doesn’t take much to boost your workers moods and make them feel valued. If you look after your workers, they will look after your customers and your business and so don’t overlook this if you’re looking to boost productivity. Whether you’ve noticed and slump and want to do something about it, or you just want to ensure your company is working at maximum capacity, these are all things to try.

How do you improve productivity in the workplace? Have you tried any of these methods?

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