When to Outsource to Boost Your Startup

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When to Outsource to Boost Your Startup

As a startup, you’re likely especially careful about cutting costs, with a small but versatile and multi-talented team working in the many areas that will propel your new business to achieve success. That means that outsourcing is probably not very high on your priority list, and is something you leave to the bigger companies. There are compelling arguments though that you should consider drafting in some extra help in those specialized areas in which you’ll get a more thorough, more expert job than if you’d remained in-house. Here are some circumstances in which you should consider outsourcing to give your business the biggest boost possible.

Getting Publicity

Even if you have a PR or digital marketing whizz on the team, they’re likely not going to boast the bulging contact lists that larger companies who specialize in such service have to offer. Naturally, there are many things to consider, such as whether your company is completely ready for larger exposure, and that includes fine-tuning your product and having the ability to scale if things take off.

Experts in the field tend to turn-around requests extremely efficiently, tracking the progress and exposure of your business in real time – and often for very reasonable prices. While social media and blog updates are better to keep in-house, the boost you can receive from outsourcing your marketing can be both huge and rapid. So it’s best to have all hands on deck for the increased traffic and orders you’re likely to experience once you get some traction in the online advertising world. If you’re still in your early stages but fancy diving into this part of business development, you can research online to find some pointers towards rapid growth.

Technical Jobs

The sparkle you can achieve through creating a professional website, immaculate product design and branding, and industry-specific features like app development or import-export paperwork: these things, when done right, will single out your company as ready to take orders, like a well-established brand. Keeping these things in-house, while cutting costs, is likely to lead to a limited level of success whereas bringing in a professional team will help shape your ideas and create for you exactly what you want.

Although it should be second nature to establish a website for your startup, even if it’s in its fledgling stage, a remarkable 51% of small businesses do not have websites. Even if your product or service is local or a website feels in some way inappropriate, this is a bad move in the digital age. You should bring in a web design team to quickly construct you a website, and maybe even a simple app to keep you on the cutting-edge side of the curve.

Analysts and Specialists

If you’re an entrepreneur, chances are you’ve fully considered the potential for your idea. However, no matter how revolutionary or well-executed, it may never get off the ground. Some 90% of all startups fail, and that’s due to those that don’t – the hallowed ten percent – are fully aware and ready to adapt to the risks of creating a new business. To avoid languishing in the graveyard of derelict new businesses, read more about bringing in risk consultants to analyze and report back on the weaknesses of your startup.

As well as risk analysts, there’s data analysts, law experts, and even safety specialists who specialize in outsourced work for small businesses looking to become a long-established brand thanks to the expert advice and innovative ideas. All these specialists will bring new ideas to the table, so don’t shut your company off from them in either ego-inspired self-righteousness or in the fear that you’ll hear something you don’t want to hear. An open business is one in which new ideas bring vitality to chew product, so consider your options in outsourcing to the professionals.


Small businesses and startups regularly rely on nepotism to find additional staff. While this is superb if you happen to have a tight-knit, locally-based, and experienced, qualified set of friends, be wary that hiring your friends to work on what you’re investing your life into might not be the wisest idea nor the best solution to finding staff.

For a little extra capital, recruitment agencies are where you should outsource your human resource needs, as reading through dozens of CVs and conducting interviews is incredibly time-consuming, not to mention you may be missing out on the brightest and best. Whether you’re in need of part-time temporary staff to fulfill administrative duties or a new person who’s bristling with industry knowledge to join the team, you’ll likely find them through experienced recruitment agencies who know exactly what to look for in candidates.


This one’s important, especially given the myriad transport options for businesses that include hire-per-hour cyclists, pay-by-the-day van drivers, and everything else under the sun. If you’ve got products or documents that you need to courier frequently, then establishing a relationship with a transport and devilry company is your best bet. Thanks to the healthy competition in this area, you’re likely to get a lot of value for money when outsourcing your delivery jobs.

The best companies to look for, especially if you’re mainly operating locally or nationally, are those with the best reputations that you see every day when on the street. Don’t take a punt with an unknown unless they offer you very good prices and you feel you can fully trust them to deliver. Don’t be afraid to bargain and play hard-ball with services like these, establishing compensation clauses in any contract you draw up.

So, those are the areas of a start-up that are maybe best left to the professionals, so long as you have the money. After all, outsourcing in these areas will cost you a little more than in-house solutions, but at the end of the day, you’re attempting to grow into a company which makes far more money than it puts into outsourcing projects such as web development and marketing. Think big, build relationships with companies you trust, and wait for the size of your startup to bulge thanks to the extra help you’ve brought in.

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