Has online news replaced legacy media?

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Has online news replaced legacy media?

Technology has always had an impact at how we live, interact with each other and make our living. In our times one of the biggest tech influencers has been the internet. With the advent of mobile devices like the phone, tablet, etc. we are always connected. The biggest chunk of what we do online is information consumption. With social media sharing information has become just as big. This change has made a telling effect on our news consumption habits too. While a lot of us grew up with newspapers and magazine subscriptions at home, we hardly see the same being a part of our lifestyle now.

How we consume now

Go to any university campus and there some things will be common to all. An empty T.V room, no newspapers in the recycle bin. But what you will find are electronic devices on each person. It is been a decade of declining audience for the legacy media. Online news sites like themonitordaily.com have now become a go-to source for a lot of us. What sets online news apart from the legacy media is the fact that it sits right with our changed lifestyle. We can customize or choose to receive news based on our personal preferences at the time of our choice. We have always discussed and shared the news with our friends and family. It now happens online. We now know what our friends reading, what are their views on the news and can share our own two bits with them. We now go on to Twitter or Facebook and know what are friends and others saying about the latest world news; local news and can get a load down on celebrity gossip as well. Unlike a print edition or TV news, we can click on links to read further, save a piece of news on our mobile devices, share our views on the same and send it our friends if needed.

What does it mean for legacy news media?

The consumer has moved on and the effects are being felt far and wide in the news industry. The number of news consumers might have increased but the medium they use has changed. Organizations across the news industry are downsizing, certain jobs are becoming obsolete. One can now Google all the news one wants anytime, send over links to friends, share reviews and follow news live. We can safely assume that the change is permanent and both TV and print news will never be the same. All is not bleak. The medium used to consume news have changed but the sources have retained their relevance. Youngsters are still reading the New York Times or the Wall Street Journal same as their parents did albeit digitally. People still value good journalism and New York Times effort to make their online version paid for is a good start.

Another big change witnessed for some time now is the advent of news portals like Huffington Post. They now figure in the list of top news sites.

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