Online Brand Protection: What Are The Threats In Affiliate Marketing?

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Online Brand Protection: What Are The Threats In Affiliate Marketing?

Online brand protection should be at the mind of all marketers. Seeing as how there are so many threats facing brands (especially with the expansion of the new GTLD list), it is imperative that marketers keep their eyes on the ball. Therefore, monitoring your company´s efforts should always be at the core of your online brand protection strategy. Read on to learn more:

Both experienced advertisers and newbie’s to the affiliate game need to understand that new affiliate type opportunities should not pose threats to and devalue their products. The following guideline will ensure that you avoid the numerous threats that improper affiliate marketing will pose to your online brand protection strategies.

1. Maintain Your Message across All Channels

Although affiliate marketing sometimes looks simple, it is more complex than most people realize. Actually, to make your affiliate marketing efforts work for you, it is imperative that you maintain the consistency of the message your brand conveys. Additionally, you should ensure that the image you are creating for your brand on digital assets does not create confusion among the intended audience.

To this end, you should let affiliate marketers know your conditions and terms. Instead of just delegating the T and C from your website to them, first ask around your network. Then, ask the more experienced affiliates guide you on the right conditions and terms, especially those that conform to the best practices in your industry. This is particularly important with regards to PPC advertising and promotional initiatives. Additionally, you should make sure they know the kind of image you wish to deliver to the intended audience. Similarly, they should know what you can and cannot allow them to do.

2. Target Your Affiliates

Let the affiliates know the type of customers you wish to get. What this means is that you should consider creating affiliate packages that talk about your target audience, the demography you are looking for and so on. In this way, your brand should only show up on the most relevant websites and online portals.

3. Monitor

As far as possible, crowd source on your affiliate network to gather information about how they check up on prospective affiliates. Find out information about the tools they use to ensure that the brand message remains consistent. Similarly, you learn about the websites and promotional strategies used by affiliates. This way, you will get the peace of mind to help you monitor your online brand protection efforts.

If you have the time, manually go over every application from affiliates. By so doing, you will ensure that the affiliates adhere to the highest standards. If you are on a tight budget, employ the invite- only method to attract new affiliates.

In conclusion, online brand protection is dependent on the type of affiliates you choose to work with. Your management of these affiliates will also go a long way in helping you protect your brand online in the best way possible. With the above tips and tricks, you can be sure that your brand´s legitimacy and efficacy will be assured for the foreseeable future.


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