Have You Noticed A Shift In Team Morale? Here’s What To Do About It!

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Have You Noticed A Shift In Team Morale? Here’s What To Do About It!

Every employer knows that a happy team is a productive team. If you’ve noticed that recently there seems to be a shift in terms of morale, it’s important to do something about it sooner rather than later. If your employees used to be happier, seemed more content, and worked harder, then the chances are that you’ve got a problem on your hands. If there’s been a shift in team morale, then dealing with it as soon as possible is vital, to ensure that your company is not impacted by it. So with that in mind, the question is, how can you boost team morale and get things back on track?

Hold more team meetings

Team Morale

One reason that employees lose the motivation to work hard is because they feel that their employer doesn’t care about what they are doing. However, if you make an effort to hold more team meetings on a regular basis, you can change that. Studies have shown that employees who work for an employer who is a good communicator and holds regular team meetings to discuss projects and workloads, tend to be more motivated to work hard. If you can’t host a face to face meeting, a virtual meeting via video chat can also work well.

Make employee training a priority

Another way that you can help to boost employee morale is to work closely with your HR team to look at organising training to help your team members further their careers. Or, if you don’t already have an HR team in place, perhaps you could contact an HR outsourcing company and work closely with them to provide your team will all the best training opportunities. The fact is that if an employee feels valued by their employer because their employer is investing in them with training, they are not only inclined to work harder but also tend to feel more content in the role that they are in.

Offer incentives

Team Morale

To show your team that you value the work that they do, why not offer incentives. Perhaps you could offer individual incentives, like a voucher for a local restaurant or bar, as well as team incentives, such as staff days out? The fact is that when an employer thanks an employee for the work that they do, it helps to boost morale as your team feels more valued.

Invest in team bonding activities

If team morale is at an all-time low, could it be because of a lack of team bonding? If you want a happy and content team of people, then it’s important to make team bonding activities a priority. Studies have shown that employees tend to be happiest when they get on well with their co-workers and employer, which is what makes team bonding activities so crucial. These can be adventure activities like rock climbing, abseiling, and white water rafting or they can be retreat weekends away or even spa weekends. It doesn’t matter what you organise, just as long as it allows you and your team to bond.

There you have it, everything that you need to know about boosting employee morale.


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