Nine Ways To Lead You To Marketing Success

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Nine Ways To Lead You To Marketing Success

The latest trend in marketing is constantly changing so it’s not surprising business owners are always on the lookout for advice on how to best market their markets in the current world. It’s very technology-based at the moment which means if you don’t have a good online presence then you risk failing. Marketing is one of those areas that can quickly change so it can be extremely challenging to keep up with the best practices: Marketing Success

Have a look below at nine ways that will lead you to marketing success:

Take Advantage Of Paid Social Sites

Although you are able to use platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook for free, it’s quickly becoming apparent that paying for your adverts is the way the platforms are going to control your adverts been seen. The algorithms are getting tweaked constantly so that brands who are paying for promotions are getting seen more. If you want to continue to use and get success form using social platforms like this then investing a little money and paying for this area of your marketing strategy is a must. Of course, you can still use the platforms to drive traffic to your website in other ways such as influencers and posting relevant content but we will touch on that later.

Focus On Your Existing Content

Most businesses now realize that they need to build up a huge amount of content in order to build their online presence and then maintain it once achieved. As well as looking at you’re new content and putting time into that you should consider spending some time on your old content too. As your company grows the content you produce will too, this means that old content may no longer be relevant and need updating. Don’t get caught out overlooking the assets you already have. In order to keep up and compete with today’s competitive markets, it’s important to use your current content to its potential. You could spend some time identifying your most popular content rom the best and revising it, you can also use these as ways to create new content for the future, if it’s worked well in the past using it as inspiration could work wonders for future content. Update old content with new pictures, visuals, deals, information and keywords (SEO) and then republish to hopefully get an even further reach with it.

Look After Brand Advocates

If you’re not already doing this then you should be. People always take recommendations from their peers before making purchase decisions so it’s not a suprise that businesses are making sure they look after them. Your own customers are a really good resource to help you reach new customers and drive them into conversions. You can try things like campaigns that incentivize your current customers to spread the word about your product or services and create things like hashtags relevant to your company for people to use on social networks. Why not set up a hashtag that offfers a promotion and your brand in one and see where it gets you? Maybe 10 percent off first order if using a certain hashtag could work? Advertising is a fantastic means for you to broaden your reach on social media and the web overall. But nothing will compare to the power that a recommendation has from knowledgeable influencers. There are plenty of them out there now too. People like to see how the products are used and take note of the up and coming trends from popular people on a platform such as Instagram.  If you’re looking for a way for your business to become social media full proof then using relevant influencers for your brand is a brilliant way of doing this. Find some people that really understand your products and services and then offer them to them for free or at a reduced rate in return for them speaking about or posting about them on their own pages. You have the power to reach millions of potential customers this way.  

Watch Out For The Potential To Diversify  

The majority of marketing budgets and strategies won’t allow for a business to pursue every avenue possible so you need to be able to choose wisely and work your best options. You need to make sure you’re choosing routes to are relevant and that are most likely to bring in the most positive returns from the investment that you’re making. If your target audience doesn’t tend to use social media platforms then there’s no point in investing a lot of time and money into them and you should look at other sources. You need to make sure that you look for opportunities to diversify your strategy and the best way to do this is to research your audience. You need to identify what will work best and then go with that rather than just guessing. If your customers would prefer to see you set up at an exhibition then look to showcase your company’s products at a relevant event instead.

Marketing Success

User Experience Is Vital

You need to make sure you’re working towards optimizing your user experience at all opportunities. Make sure you have a clear message that speaks to your target audience, this is the first step that you should always take. It won’t matter if you have fantastic content or deals, if you don’t have a clear message and a great user experience, you’re not going to drive conversions. You should make sure you’re always testing, testing and then retesting the user experience of your website to achieve your marketing goals. Some things you should consider include site speed, navigation, responsive pages, great design and easy to use.

Have A Memorable Message

There are only so many ways that you are able to directly promote your products and services through marketing. On occasion, it might be worth your time to stray away from your main marketing agenda to tell stories that make your brand not only likeable but also memorable. The more creative you get, the more likely you’ll stand out and improve your overall brand image. It doesn’t need to be directly related to your product either, just something important that your company stands for and backs. Perhaps you donate part of your profits to charity from certain items?

Make Performance Analysis Part Of Your Plan

Every business owner understands the importance of performance management with other areas of the business such as employees, productivity and production so why wouldn’t you look at doing this with any marketing campaigns you have? Anyone who has worked in marketing for a while will know that it’s just as important for this area of the business as it is for the others. It’s the only way you are going to optimize your strategy. You don’t want to and really shouldn’t wait until right at the end of a marketing strategy to analyze you aim for it to be constant so you can make changes quickly if you need to. Otherwise, you are limiting the benefits of performance analysis. If you complete it at the end then it’s only good for the next campaign not the existing and then you’ve already wasted the money. The most successful marketers don’t rely on past performance to inform their future schemes, they make the correct and justifiable adjustments to their campaigns in real-time based on the latest insights. The platform you use for marketing needs to be flexible and reliable so make sure you’re working with the best software and team for the job at hand.

Connect Online And Offline Strategies

Making sure you have a consistent customer experience both online and offline is essential to your succession with marketing. It makes you memorable and shows that you respect your customers, especially if they are customers that don’t access or want to access the web. More and more businesses are now starting to use in-person events to influence audiences as well as online to drive sales, but they often fall in the trap of isolating them from online marketing initiatives whereas you should be no different, you’re the same business at the end of the day. In order to get the most out of in-person marketing, you should think about what you want your audience to do after the event. Think about areas such as interacting with emails, sign for a trial, spread the word about your products etc. Then you should create an in-person experience that leads them to this journey.


Consumers nowadays are more than aware that the content businesses create is agenda-driven. This is why they don’t respond to content that is overly sales-driven. It’s much better to build up relationships with your consumers than have everything aimed at getting sales. Something you could try in order to achieve this is to use some live content. Have you thought about creating a podcast, facebook videos or maybe even using youtube as a platform? Even if things don’t run smoothly you’ll be surprised how positively it’s received by your audience. Maybe try a few product demonstrations? Hopefully, these nine ways to help you achieve marketing success will help you achieve your goals. Do you have any other ways that you can help with this? Please share them in the comments section below.   

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