Why You Need To Embrace Change In Business

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Why You Need To Embrace Change In Business

Starting a business brings great opportunities and a chance to make the most of your own abilities, rather than an employer benefitting from your skills and hard work. Being an entrepreneur or in charge of a start-up also brings challenges, so those who do it have to be prepared for the many changes it will bring. Some people don’t like change, seeing it as a risk, but the smart businessman sees change as an opportunity. By embracing the changes that you face, whatever sector of business you’re in, you can be a step further along the road to success and wealth.

Be Flexible In All That You Do

If you want a rigid work structure where you do the same things day in and day out, then being an entrepreneur is not for you. When running a business, you’ll be confronted with issues such as suppliers raising their prices, consumer demand moving away from your product, or a new competitor opening a business, not to mention changes in consumer finances and confidence. By taking a flexible approach, you can overcome these challenges and continue to grow. That means, for example, having more than one product or service to sell, having a list of suppliers you can use, or having enough flexibility in your pricing structure to reduce them temporarily if needed.

Spot When The Cheese Is Moving

One of the greatest business and self-help books of all time is ‘Who Moved My Cheese?‘ by Dr. Spencer Johnson. It’s an allegory where two mice and two humans go to the same place every day for tasty cheese. One day the cheese is gone, but the two mice are prepared and search for a new cheese source, whereas the two humans have differing fortunes. The moral is that we cannot afford to become too complacent in our businesses. Always look for signs of a downturn or that the market is moving. If a change suddenly occurs, don’t waste time feeling dejected or dwelling upon negative thoughts. By taking positive action, you can find a bigger and better supply of cheese, or shall we call them customers? As the book says, when the cheese moves, move with it.

Making Positive Changes Can Give You A Competitive Edge

Sometimes changes become compulsory if you want to succeed in your business, and it’s then even more important to embrace the change rapidly and in a positive fashion. One example is the recent decision by FOX to change from Breakdown Services, or Actor’s Access, to Casting Network. Many actors and extras were put out by this and delayed creating a Casting Network profile – read this article on Career Activate for more information about this. Those who changed immediately and created a high-quality profile found that it had a positive effect and that they were suddenly at the front of the casting queue. This same principle applies to any entrepreneur or anyone who is self-employed: changing before others change can bring real benefits.

Change in business may be self-driven or unavoidable, but it can also be the best thing that ever happens to you. After all, the day you changed from being an employee to a business owner was a good one that brought many potential rewards. Every change can be challenging, but it’s equally true to say that every change can be positive in the long run. Get ready for change and you’ll leap ahead of business rivals who are stuck in their tired routines.

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