MOOving Into The Farming World: The Early Days Of Your Enterprise

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MOOving Into The Farming World: The Early Days Of Your Enterprise

When we think of farms, most of us think about gentle rolling hills and animals grazing in the background. There are sunsets in the fields, and muddy wellies by the door. It sounds idyllic, doesn’t it? But, like any business, farming involves crucial decisions at each stage. Congratulations if you’ve decided this is what you want to do. But, don’t think there isn’t a lot of work ahead. A farm may have a different face to, say, an office-based business, but the planning stages look much the same.

In fact, if you’ve never embarked on anything like this, there may be even more involved. After all, most of us have worked in an office. Less of us have taken to an agricultural setting. But, that’s not to say that you can’t take to farming like cows to a field. It merely means you need to take care during your planning stages. And, that’s why we’re going to look at three primary considerations you should make from the off.

What type of farm?

Before this stage, you likely thought of farming as an all-inclusive occupation. But, while that’s a reality for large-scale farms, it won’t be an option for you straight away. Instead, you’ll need to consider between a crop farm with produces anything from grain to wheat, or an animal based option. If you do choose animals, decide between chicken farming and cow farming. The options are endless. In many ways, crop farming may be the best bet for a startup. The costs to get going are lower, and the results easier to reap. But, take time to consider which area of farming you could see yourself finding success.

Where do you aim to be in five years time?

The five-year business plan is always a good idea for startups, and your farm is no different. Knowing where you want to go will ensure you make the best decisions about everything from the type of farm to the premises. You have a few options. It may be that you want a homestead farm which produces enough to sell to friends and family. You could even find yourself in a position to sell at farmers markets and small-scale events. Or, you may want to expand into an enterprise. Get this right, and you could sell to chain stores and even open more than one premises. Make a decision, and keep coming back to it throughout deliberations.


What do you need to get there?


Once you’ve decided the above, it’s time to consider what you will need to achieve it. This can include the acreage you’ll need to buy, or the amount of livestock. Remember that you don’t have to tackle these things straight away. But, having final numbers in mind will ensure you work towards that goal. This will also help you to develop some idea of the finances you’ll need to get you going. And, that’s crucial if you’re opting for business loans or other financial aids along the way.


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