Are You Missing Out On Customers That Are Right In Front Of You?

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Are You Missing Out On Customers That Are Right In Front Of You?

Being ambitious is never a bad thing. Obviously you want your company to become an international force to be reckoned with, but these grand visions often cause business to lose sight of what is right in front of them. There are thousands of potential customers right on your doorstep and if all of your energy is going into wider reaching tactics, you’re missing out on them completely. Local customers are much easier to win over because it is more convenient for them to use you, and people have a certain pride about using businesses that are from their area. Don’t run before you can walk, use these tips to bag those local customers first.



Using local directories is one of the best ways to do this. I’m not talking about those old fashioned paper ones, get yourself onto some online directories instead. Register with Google My Business and it will make it much easier for locals to find your address and details when they are searching for companies in the local area. Free Index is another great one because people can put reviews on, this is very valuable because people tend to trust the opinions of other locals when deciding who to do business with.

Social Media

Social media is a brilliant marketing tool across the board, but if you are focussing on broad strokes then you aren’t getting the most out of it. You should be using to target the local population specifically. Invest in the services of a company that specializes in SEO for Local business. They can give you good guidance on how best to use social media to attract interest in your own area before trying to widen your scope. If you can create a buzz about your company, it will be shared between people locally and you can establish yourself as the number one company in the city, this then gives you a good platform to build on when trying to reach a wider audience.

Be Part Of The Community

Being a community figure is a brilliant way to get customers. It allows you to meet face to face with a lot of potential customers and if you are invested in the area, it will inspire trust in your company. Try setting up fundraisers for local charities and participating in other events, it’s a good way to give something back and strengthening your marketing campaign at the same time.

Traditional Marketing

Social media and other forms of online marketing are very useful, but don’t neglect more traditional forms. They can be beneficial, especially when you are trying to drum up interest locally. Targeted leaflet drops are great for communicating directly with potential customers. Using local media outlets is also a good idea because they will be seen by everybody in the area and people tend to place a lot of trust in them.

Try out some of these methods and you should be able to establish yourself as the number one local company in your industry.

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