Maximizing Foot Traffic To Your Business

beggers September 23, 2019 0
Maximizing Foot Traffic To Your Business

Foot traffic is crucial, and it becomes one of the most important measures in a brick and mortar store. It’s all about driving the appropriate foot traffic to your retail store so you can get more custom. But how can you do this effectively?

Looking after your storefront

It’s all about that all-important component: curb appeal. Nobody wants to walk into a store that looks grubby. It’s all about the little things, but also, ensuring if there are any deceptive issues . In any high street, there can be an abundance of pigeons, which can prove annoying, but this means you are responsible for your property and can get a bird control company to get rid of the vermin once and for all. As well as this, keeping on top of little jobs, like cleaning the windows, and sweeping up, can be done daily.

Keeping your employees busy

Remember, it’s about the impression you give to the outside world. Having employees standing around doing nothing is not conducive to a thriving and vibrant store. Make sure that your employees create a positive working environment, and also, make sure that they are mindful of how they look. Even when there are no customers in the store, everybody has an opinion of the employees.

Go beyond the window display

In the high street, there are so many stores, so there’s an abundance of competition. If you want to do something extra that you’ve got to make your store stand out. Instead of just window displays, go for additional elements, like a sign or sandwich board, or something different that makes you stand out from the crowd. After all, we’ve got so many different stores to compete with, we’ve got to find ways to look different in a good way.

Don’t neglect the online presence

While people spend their time online buying, items you have to think about bridging the gap between the online world and the real one. While brick and mortar stores are making a comeback, having an e-commerce presence is crucial but also think about what you can do to ensure that the personal touch is still there. For example, having a click and collect function is a way for your customers to come into the store. It’s an opportunity to see what you have in-store that you don’t offer online, as well as that all-important human touch.

Offer different services in-store than you would online

It’s a completely different thing if you go into a store, especially when it comes to something like maintenance or fixing products. Offering these services in-store adds that extra for the customer and the business. When you order items online, you’ve got to piece it all together yourself. So if you offer different services in-store, that adds a personal touch so you can increase foot traffic, but also have people come back. You can do things that can help a customer get the most out of their visit by having experts on-site, or fixing items while they wait. Giving them the opportunity to browse the store is crucial at this point.


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