Making the Most of Global Business Opportunities

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Making the Most of Global Business Opportunities

So many of us dream of owning our own business. What could be better than being your own boss, choosing your own working schedule and only having to answer to yourself? Well, how about doing all of those things but in a new location? Jetting somewhere across the world and making a success of yourself in a completely different landscape? Well, if you fancy setting up your own business, it’s important that you are prepared. You need to know the consumer demographic of the area you’re moving to and understanding their wants and needs. Here are a few small business sectors that are booming abroad that you might like to consider.

Global Business Opportunities

Cafes in Russia

When it comes to coffee, America tends to spring to mind as the biggest consumer. But with this reputation, you’d be facing a whole lot of tough competition. So why not try taking your coffee business somewhere else? The coffee market is skyrocketing in large Russian cities with increasing numbers of consumers reaching for a hot beverage on their commute. So if you manage to bag yourself a commercial property in a high footfall area, you may be in for making a huge profit! Numerous people will frequent your store and you will be raking in the cash. So if you’re considering starting a small business, Russia may well be the way to go!

Nail Salons in Norway

The beauty industry is experiencing an all time high in profits in Norway at the moment. Salons are thriving and, if you are looking to set up a small business with low start up costs, a nail salon could be a great investment. It will also have low advertising costs, as most of your customers will be drop ins or will have received a recommendation from a friend who has used your services before. So focus on quality and upload pictures of your creations on social media feeds to get the good word out.

Global Business Opportunities

Indoor Golf in Cyprus

Holiday makers tend to enjoy a day out golfing while they are away, especially in Cyprus. Think of the popularity of Aphrodite’s Golf Range. However, you can one up the competition by offering an indoor golf course. Sun worshippers are likely to stay close to the pool, so you are likely catering to those who are bored of hanging out on the beach and want an alternative. An indoor course can be heat and climate controlled with effective air conditioning. So create a haven for people to get away to.

Interior Decoration in France

If you have ever stayed in Paris, you will understand the need for effective interior design in Parisian apartments. They are generally tiny spaces, so storage solutions and space enhancing design are necessary to create a comfortable living space in the inner city. So take advantage of this gap in the market while experiencing one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Fast Food in Italy

Italians are renowned for enjoying their meals, taking the time to sit down and eat freshly cooked meals. But tourists aren’t often quite so familiar with this and search desperately for fast food while visiting the sights and tourist hotspots. Setting up a fast food branch near to key locations could make a massive profit. Especially considering the fact that you won’t have to rent out a particularly large commercial property. All you will need is a kitchen, stock room, and storefront to serve customers from.

Global Business Opportunities

Pet Products in Denmark

Increasing numbers of people living in Denmark are taking on pets as part of their family. But this influx of furry, scaled and feathered friends means that demand for pet products is on the rise. So capitalize on the demand! Offer specialist foods, toys, treats and luxury products for people’s loved animals. Alternatively, open a grooming salon. More and more people are becoming owners of non-moulting, long haired breeds such as Bichon Frise, Poodles, Lhasa Apsos and cross breeds. These will need grooming and you can make a huge profit from returning customers who know that you will provide their four-legged friends with the best care, service, and results.

Construction in Ireland

Ireland’s economy is boosting. An increased need for housing, commercial property, and hospitality properties come hand in hand with this, so it isn’t all too surprising that the construction industry in this area is turning over massive profits. Now is a great time to get involved, so head to Ireland for the ultimate opportunity to make a success of your construction company.

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