What Makes a Good Advertisement?

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What Makes a Good Advertisement?

When you see a good advertisement, whether it’s online, in print, on TV, or up on a billboard or bus, you know it’s a good advertisement. Equally, when you see a bad advert, you know it’s bad. What is it, though, that goes into making an advertisement that people automatically know is good? Is it just about the colors and the wording, or is there more to it than that?


A good advertising design needs to be innovative. If customers have seen it all before, they just won’t be interested in seeing it again. They will think they already have the item that is being advertised, just because the design is like other adverts. If you can work out a design that is completely different, something that no one will have seen before, something that tells the public that they should be interested in what you are advertising, then they will at least look. If it’s a good design as well as being something different, then they will buy after they have looked. You must get those potential customers keen on knowing more.

Be Cohesive

A good advertising campaign should match with your brand. So the advert should be designed to match with your SmashBrand package design, for example. The colors should be complimentary, and the ethos behind the ad, the personality of your company, should all shine through. Equally, that ethos and personality should match with the product; if it doesn’t, this will confuse the potential customer and confused potential customers do not buy.

Explain the Product

A great advert will ensure that the product it is advertising is made practical and useful to as many people as possible. It must satisfy a set of criteria that mean you can prove the product will be invaluable to the customer – as well as being aesthetically pleasing and a good buy, psychologically.

Keep It Simple

Of course, an advert design that goes into too much detail is off-putting, since it will take too long to read or to understand. Keeping things simple is the best way when it comes to advertising and design work. It will be more memorable that way, and it will be much easier to digest.


Another element of good advertising is that it is unobtrusive. It should be noticeable, yes, but if it intrudes too much into people’s lives then they will simply find it annoying, and try to ignore it, which is the very opposite of what you want from a good advertising campaign. It is a fine line between being interesting and exciting and being too much for people to enjoy, which is why it is often a good idea to speak to someone who understands design, rather than attempting to do it yourself. Even if it costs you more in the short term, it can pay dividends later when more people like the design of the advert and come to your shop or buy your product online.


There must be honesty in any marketing and advertising campaign that you enter in. If you claim something that turns out not to be quite accurate – such as how powerful the item is, or how valuable it is – then your customers will not be happy, and there will be a backlash. In modern times, with the prevalence on social media, that sort of thing can be extremely damaging to your company. It pays to be completely honest, as you will have more happy customers, and positive word of mouth is a great thing.

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