Make Your Manufacturing Floor Great Again

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Make Your Manufacturing Floor Great Again

It doesn’t matter what size your manufacturing business is – small, medium or big – improving your efficiency and productivity is the key to growing your profit margins and revenue streams and staying competitive. However, improving your productivity is easier said than done because there are so many factors that come into play, namely your employees, your equipment and your processes, all of which are going to require examination if you are going to maximize your company’s productivity.

To help you with this, we have compiled a list of ways in which you can design a more productive manufacturing floor from which your business can grow.

Scrutinize The Current Output Levels

If you don’t carefully examine your current workflow then you won’t be able to correctly identify the main areas of concern and the main areas that would benefit from an overhaul. This means you will be guessing, and guessing is not good for business. As such, pay close attention to your employees, the technology you use and the processes that are followed throughout the production process. All of these will need to be analyzed in detail, so make sure you scrutinize as much as possible. A great way to accumulate accurate data is to use a value mapping tool, which will allow you to pinpoint issues and record any changes.

Update Your Equipment

Whether you like it or not, manufacturing is now one of those industries where an employee can only be as effective as the tools will allow them to be. But don’t despair, because your equipment upgrades don’t always have to be costly. It could be that you are losing time in the movement of products around your facility, in which it could just be a matter of investing in new Enerco high-speed doors to boost your efficiency. However, if you can afford the upfront costs of getting high-tech machinery, the setup and training costs will quickly be recuperated by the long-term benefits in terms of output. This will allow you to improve your productivity no end, and thus stay at the top of the market and remain fully competitive.

Business Organisation Are Crucial

The amount of money, time and resource that is wasted by companies simply through a lack of organization is staggering. As such, make sure you have a clear process for as many aspects of your business as possible, and communicate these to your employees directly and through your managerial staff. Organization saves time and times is money. So look at everything from how you order supplies, to how you invoice customers, to have you ship products to how the in-tray on your desk is filed. Think about the layout of the actual manufacturing floor, and whether each workstation is operating in the most organized and efficient way possible. Anything that could benefit from a quick reorganization should be because even if you only save a few minutes of time on each facet, this will quickly add up to a lot of hours over the course of a day, week, month and year.


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