How to make your business event unique

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How to make your business event unique

Whether you’re a small business or a worldwide company, holding regular events is a great way to attract new customers and thank existing ones for their custom.

However, in order to keep your clients returning and encourage plenty of new sign-ups you need to make sure your event stands out from the crowd – and only for the right reasons!

Here’s how:

Unexpected venues

Quite simply choosing a conference room in a hotel or holding an event in your own offices can sometimes appear a little unimaginative. Inviting guests to a cocktail making class, a corporate cookery event or a movie premiere is certainly one way to ensure they RSVP.

A more unique approach can make all the difference and will encourage attendance. If you’re stuck for ideas then the event management services offered by Creative Forum could help.


An invite often sets the tone for the type of event you’re holding and all great events deserve an innovative invitation. Although it’s important to send invites via email, the likes of pop-up, scratch-off, 3D and film roll styles are all guaranteed to catch the eyes of budding guests – especially if they’re the type that people want to display on their desks or notice boards!

Enabling audience participation

Allowing for audience participation is a great way to create a memorable event. From interacting with new products and trying new foods, if you over guests the chance to experience something new then your event is sure to be memorable.

The key here is to make sure that everything is set up in an easily manageable way. This means providing your attendees with the chance to participate in the event but without making it a difficult or complicated process. If visitors think something will be difficult to achieve when visiting your event then they’re unlikely to attempt it and this could be a catastrophe for you.


Aside from employing a speaker for the evening, it’s often a good idea to provide entertainment. You may opt for a live band, suited and booted waiters, a magician or branded cup cakes. Welcome cocktails, creative stands and exhibition graphics are also great options but one of the leading trends of today is photo booths that you can hire out so that guests can photograph themselves having the time of their lives at your event!

Make sure that everything you create has a clear branded image and is consistent with the rest of your event – this means adopting the same colour schemes, themes and logos throughout.

Say thank you

It’s important to thank everyone who attended the event, regardless of whether you do this by email, phone or direct mail. You may even wish to send them out a goody bag containing information on the event, knowledge of any up-and-coming product launches and even some discount coupons. Doing so will make you memorable but also encourage potential clients to use your services in the future.

Planning the best event EVER

These tips only really scratch the surface of business event planning and there are plenty of other things you can do to make your event the best one EVER.

This article on Small Biz Trends has some great advice and ideas that are worth trying so why not see what else you can learn?

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