The Lost Art Of Boosting Productivity On The Floor

beggers December 23, 2017 0
The Lost Art Of Boosting Productivity On The Floor

The secret is out: Boosting productivity is the most effective way to boost your profit margin. Of course it is. By its very definition, “it is the effectiveness of productive effort, as measured in terms of the rate of output per unit of input”. In some businesses, that means keeping employees encouraged, while for others it might mean keeping technology as state-of-the-art as possible. When it comes to the manufacturing floor, however, boosting productivity tends to be a strict combination of employee efficiency, equipment upgrades and making processes as close as you can to perfect.

Of course, this means examining where you are, what you have and making any adjustments you may deem necessary. Only then can you start to design a more productive and successful manufacturing wing, of which we have laid out the steps we think are most important:

Boosting Productivity


Worry About Your Current Workflow

The most pressing matter is knowing what parts of your current workflow process show the most weaknesses. It could be individual employees, outdated technology, communication software, limited resources or any number of things. Pinpoint the problems and then monitor the effect any changes have.


Boost Your Business Processes

Whatever workflow issues you pinpointed, make sure you discuss them with any line managers in your operation; the people on the floor that manage the day to day running. These people will be best placed to come up with an improvement strategy, whether it be assigning resources differently, combining different areas, managing the budget differently or upping the training needed. Always speak to the managers.


Make Tools Work Smarter

If you are talking to a creative copywriter, then you’re right, they cannot blame their work on the tools they use. Unfortunately, though, in the manufacturing industry, your employees are only as good as your investments into equipment. It could be waterjet machinery, CNC mills or position sensors from, all of which are a) costly upfront and b) valuable in the long run. The important thing to remember is the equipment itself is not the only cost; it is the training, installation and maintenance too. If you want to remain competitive, though, then tech is becoming more and more important.


Better To Prevent Than Aid

The more you can invest in preventative measures the smoother your operation will run, and a smooth operation is a productive one. Machinery in downtime is costing you money. As such, make sure you are allocating a decent chunk of your budget to maintenance so that your machinery isn’t just working when you need it to be, but that it is also working at an optimum level for as long as possible. You want your costly equipment to be running like new for months and years, not days and weeks.


Collaboration Is Key

Nothing is going to make your manufacturing floor run better than collaboration right across the board. That means getting everyone on the same page, having them work toward the same goals and giving bonus points for as little waste and friction as possible. Productivity is key, and that stems from the work done. But don’t underestimate the power of happy and content employees.

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