Looking to Better Protect Your Business? Make Sure You Do the Following

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Looking to Better Protect Your Business? Make Sure You Do the Following

You’ve worked hard to build up your business, whether independently, as a small startup, or as part of a large team. Now that you have the ball rolling, it’s crucial that you protect your business at all costs. No matter whether you have large premises with hundreds of staff, one office with a small team, or work alone from your home, protection all amounts to the same thing when it comes to business.

Take Out the Right Insurance Policy

Business insurance needs to be tailored specifically to your very circumstance. This means it needs to cover any and all eventualities to ensure maximum protection. You should develop a quotation request based on your individual business plan, and then compare many quotes to ensure you get the best deal within your budget.

For example, business insurance exists to cover a specific sector, such as the motor trade. So what is motor trade insurance? It covers anybody working within a role related to vehicles. With this in mind, you should take out a business insurance policy tailored specifically for your sector.

You should also make sure your business insurance remains topped up and covered at all times. Pay attention to renewal and expiration dates.

Make Regular Backups

This means information backups made to a secure server. If your business operates using a lot of crucial data, whether it’s sales records, employee records, or consumer information, you need to make sure that there is always a secure backup so that there is never a risk of all data being lost.

Many businesses these days back up to a cloud-based server, or you can make it a manual daily routine to backup to a USB or any form of external server.

Secure Your Premises

If your business is based at a physical building rather than remote or home-based, you need to take extra security precautions in relation to physical theft or break-ins, not only to protect your business data but protect your employees, too.

You should have a security policy in place following a relevant risk assessment that can identify any potential threats and risks. This policy should include:

  • The securing of all exits, doors, and windows
  • A substantial CCTV system in place
  • What employees should do in the event of a crime to ensure their own safety
  • External protection, such as high fences, a security doorman or a secure carpark

Always Shred Sensitive Information

Sensitive and confidential information should always be handled appropriately. If discarding of any information, ensure that it is fully shredded and illegible for the disposal of it – don’t just throw it straight into the bin, as criminals may still be able to read the information.

Furthermore, make sure that any confidential information you are keeping on site is stored and locked away in secure filing cabinets, or that there is a proper system in place for handling confidential information. You should then make sure that all employees understand how to handle such information correctly.

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