The Logic Of Logistics: Running A Business Over Multiple Locations And How To Handle It

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The Logic Of Logistics: Running A Business Over Multiple Locations And How To Handle It

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From a startup perspective, or as a small business or SME, the logistical issues that come with running an organisation effectively are many. If you need to keep an eye on the budgets, you need to keep an eye on the staff. If you don’t have enough staff, you need to hire new staff, which costs money. If you need to have a location to work from, again that requires money. If you’re not able to get a location, then you need to work out of your own home. That comes with its own sets of challenges! There is always a way around these problems. I’m going to lay out a few suggestions for you to take to help with a small business, if you are working with limited capacities.

Get A Virtual Assistant

There are so many companies that provide virtual assistance. Now, it is easier for your business to keep a professional image although the finances suggest otherwise! Tasks that virtual assistants can do includes call queuing and an answer phone service. It can also act as a mailbox for your post to go to. This is handy if you’re running a business out of your home in the short term and you need a professional looking address.

Outsource Where You Can!

If you’re running a small business and you need to get smaller tasks done, why don’t you outsource? You can use popular freelancer websites like Guru or to get smaller tasks done in a quick time frame. Contrary to popular belief, freelancers are cheaper in the long run because of the relatively short time scale they are needed for. Even when it comes to arranging meetings or conferences away from your business location, there are companies that provide reduced fees for businesses, such as Calder World Of Travel. So why don’t you take advantage of this?

Get Your Tech Sorted!

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If you are operating a business over different locations you need to make sure that your tech is up to date. A relatively cheap way of doing this is to install VoIP phones. These can be connected to your internet rather than a phone line, and also have nifty functions! Such as being able to connect to remote workers’ mobile devices. It can also send voicemail messages to email accounts, bypassing the telephone completely. It also has virtual office functions. This is a good way to keep your business looking more professional.

Keep Your Communication Channels Open

In running a business over different locations, making sure that you are communicating with your staff at every turn will help to create a unity as a business. With the benefits of virtual assistants, you can also set up virtual offices for a decent price. So why don’t you arrange meetings on a regular basis? That way you can keep the staff up to date with your business intentions in person and you can get on the same page. An important function of a business is its relationship. That cannot be underestimated. So make sure that you allow time to speak to your colleagues, in a work-related setting as well as in a non work-related setting.

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