Learn To Say “I Love You” To Your Employees

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Learn To Say “I Love You” To Your Employees

Entrepreneurs and business owners lead frantically busy lives. Months can go by while they’re down in the trenches, trying to resolve some issue or problem. Rarely do they have time to deal with their colleagues and make them feel loved.


Bad move.

Employees are the lifeblood of your business, especially if you run a knowledge-based firm. As a result, you need to keep your best talent on board and make them feel happy. Here’s how.

Give Employees A Platform



Sandy Geroux is the CEO of WOWplace International. She says that providing employees with a platform is a great way to make them feel that they have a stake in the company. Asking them to share their stories, tips and methods gives them an outlet to put their unique perspective to use in the business and generate something valuable that is of their own making. Giving employees a voice, Geroux says, adds to the self-esteem, boosts their confidences and draws them closer to the rest of the team.

Spend More Time With Employees

Suz O’Donnell is the director of client services at Thrivatize. She says that one of the problems that a lot of businesses face is that there isn’t enough face time between employees and management. People tend to feel most valued when their boss takes a personal interest in them. So she says that bosses should invite employees out to lunch or takes time off to have a quick coffee with them and discuss their problems.

Publicly Recognize Achievements

Andre Lavoie, CEO of ClearCompany says that it’s important to publicly recognize achievements, both big and small. This can be done through a simple pat on the back, or by getting an award from a site like www.martinawards.com. Either way, Lavoie says, it will boost both morale and motivation.

Always Be Transparent

Brenda Norwood, a HR manager, writing in www.businessnewsdaily.com, suggests that business leaders remain transparent about what’s going on in the company at all times. Often when people don’t feel informed about the state of the business they work for, they start wondering whether their job is safe. This, in turn, can cause they to start looking elsewhere and take less interest in their work. Transparency, therefore, is important, as it helps employees feel like integral members of the team.

Take Your Work Outside The Office

Nicole Lavine is the vice president of an events company. She says that managers who want to build better relationships with their employees need to create a culture of gratitude that emphasizes their hard work. Part of this, she says, is to show employees how much they are appreciated by taking them on fun days out. These can be anything from cooking classes to sporting events, she says.

According to Lavine, they are worth the extra investment, thanks to their ability to galvanise a team and boost morale in the office.

Be A Champion For Employee Growth

People who love each other want to see each other grow and become better people – and employers should do the same, according to Philip Blackett, founder of Magnetic Interviewing. He says that giving employees the chance to stretch themselves is the best way to show appreciation and get them excited about working for your company.


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