How to Launch a Pest Control Business

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How to Launch a Pest Control Business

Your pest control business could become a customer’s first port of call to eliminate rodents, insects, or reptiles from their residential or commercial properties. However, there are various essential elements to undertake before you provide professional fumigation services. Find out how to launch a pest control business.

Identify Your Services

Have you considered the type of pest control services you will provide to customers? For example, general pest control companies can provide regular inspections for the signs of rodents and bug though the use of traps and chemicals, as well as termites.

However, you can provide specific services that can help you stand out from your competitors, such as the elimination of spiders, ants, bees, roaches, rats, mice, and snakes. Think carefully about the local community to identify the best pest control services to offer your clients.

Apply for a Business License

You must obtain a business license before you can operate a professional pest control company. You can apply for a business license at the county clerk’s office or at your local small business administration office. It is also essential to apply for a pest control license by contacting the state pesticide regulation office of the department of agriculture.

If you choose to launch a limited liability company, partnership, or corporation, you must register the new business at the Secretary of State’s office. What’s more, all business owners must apply for an Employer Identification Number for use on business and tax forms, which they can receive from the Internal Revenue Service.

Buy Business Insurance

Turn to a licensed insurance provider to buy specialist business insurance for your pest control company. Look for insurance that features product, general liability, property, auto and workers’ compensation. You can also purchase a surety bond, which is a form of additional insurance coverage in the event of a lawsuit or settlement. However, every employee must buy a surety bond.

Launch a Pest Control Website

Every modern pest control company wanting to drive customers to a business must launch a website. If you lack next to no technical knowledge, leave the design process to the professionals, who have experience creating attractive, easy-to-use pest control websites. Look for a web design company that cannot only create a user-friendly website, but can optimize your site to drive a considerable amount of traffic from the search engines, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo!

Lease an Office or Commercial Space

If you want to run a professional pest control business, you will either need to create a home office or lease a commercial retail space. Not only must you find the best location and space, but you must also contact the local zoning and housing office so they can determine if you can store pest control chemicals. You will also need to buy pest control supplies, such as chemicals, traps, small cages, and chemical sprayers.

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