The Killer Marketing Techniques That Boost Your Business

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The Killer Marketing Techniques That Boost Your Business

In business, you can often get set in your ways when it comes to the way you operate. Whether you’ve worked with the same suppliers for years, would never dream of using another bank, or have stuck by the marketing techniques that have worked for you in the past, you could be doing yourself and your business a big disservice. Whether you’ve always thought you were saving money by sticking to what you know or being loyal if you want to boost your business, here are killer marketing techniques to try.


PR is one of the old marketing techniques that we all know and love. But, it can always work in a wealth of modern ways – especially online. If you’ve always avoided getting involved with a PR campaign, having favored advertising in the past, you might want to think about. Although it’s easy to believe that some publicity is bad, here’s why all publicity is good. By getting your business out there, you’re going to be the talk of the town and the first person people call when they need your line of work.

Content Marketing

In terms of the traditional marketing mix, content marketing is relatively new. But, that doesn’t mean it is any less effective than copywriting, for example. In fact, it’s very much the same as copywriting – just online and on a larger scale. When you focus your efforts on content marketing, you could start to benefit from two key things: an increase in traffic and a boost in your SEO. And if that isn’t enough to convince you, you’ll also benefit from creating content you can share on social media.

Affiliate Marketing

Along with content marketing, affiliate marketing is definitely one of the newer forms of digital marketing that not everyone wants to get on board with. But, there’s no denying its benefits for your business. Not only is it largely managed by the affiliate company you choose to work with, but you’re also looking at fixed costs. You also get access to a lot more business than you had before. Even if you have to take a certain percentage of sales off, that’s still extra sales you wouldn’t have had otherwise.

Social Media

Social media isn’t all that new to the business world, but it is to some. Being online and interacting with your customers is pretty much a prerequisite to being successful in business in this day and age. But, remember, social media is a fantastic marketing tool as well as a way to connect with your customer. With the option to go viral if you’ve got the campaign, and the ability to promote like never before, you’re missing a trick by not being social.

Blogger Outreach

Probably the newest form of online marketing of all, blogger outreach still isn’t all that understood in the business world. But, if you’re willing to see the bigger picture, you’ll know that wealth of marketing benefits you can get from blogger outreach. Aside from the SEO benefits, you’ve also got a lot of publicity going on, and access to a range of excellent platforms to promote on.


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