The Key Elements to an Attractive Startup Website

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The Key Elements to an Attractive Startup Website

A business’s online presence is important. It acts like a virtual storefront, a page that should represent everything your company stands for, sells and provides to the world. Without an eye-catching web page, it can be incredibly difficult to gain an audience and expose yourself to your intended customers. That’s why a website can help to promote your business, and it’s also why attractive websites tend to fare better than template ones.

It’s easy, albeit expensive, to pay someone a large chunk of money in order to get a website made to your standards. However, there are also plenty of ways to design your own website. With the help of cloud-based tools, you can get a website running in just a few minutes without any effort at all. However, while the technical part of designing a website can be done relatively easily, you can’t say the same for the creative side.

Designing a website is, after all, a creative task that demands a creative mind. If you aren’t putting enough attention into it, then you’re going to run into issues. For example, if you don’t understand colour theory or how colours affect our mind, then you won’t be able to fully utilise your website’s creative potential. As a simple example, consider the effect a soothing blue pastel shade has versus a dark and mysterious red. The blue shade would evoke a calm sense of tranquillity, while the red shade would be a passionate and engaging colour.

While the creative side of web design can be incredibly deep and complex, the technical side is at least fairly accessible. However, there’s also another side to web design that should be discussed: the logical side. To give you some tips on how to keep your website logical and creative, here are some ideas.


Less is more in the world of web design. All you need is a logo and some text in order to create a website. You don’t need paragraphs of information on a single page unless you have product descriptions or technical details listed. Focus on keeping your message short and precise, and try your best not to overload your viewers with information. You can’t hope to hold someone’s attention span with your website unless they specifically look for you, so for any passing visitors, you want to try your best to grab their attention with attractive images and short bursts of text.

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Pictures tell a thousand words—even your business logo. Get a professional logo designer to help you design something that is eye-catching and informative to your customers. Make sure all of your long articles are broken up with images to make them easier to follow and accompany any products you sell with ample photographs. If your customers don’t see what they are buying, it’ll make the sale a lot less likely.


Lastly, let’s mention navigation. You have to make sure your website is easy to navigate. Any bit of information that your visitors want to find should be easily accessible. Don’t bury important information like contact details or specifics of your products and services. They should be easy to find, it should be in the open, and everything on your website should be accessible from the main homepage.

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