Keeping Costs Down in Your New Business

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Keeping Costs Down in Your New Business

Getting your money right is one of the biggest challenges you’ll face when starting a business. You really do need to spend money to make money, but it’s difficult to do this when you’re at the start of your journey without much in the bank. Therefore, making savings is important, and knowing where you can put your money to its best use. Here are a few things to consider if you’re a bootstrapped new business.


You might be under the impression that outsourcing is an unnecessary cost that you can avoid by keeping processes in house, but it’s not always the case. Sometimes, outsourcing can save you significantly. When you outsource, you pay a third party company to do a task for you, and the company you work with will already have equipment, knowledge and staff in place to get right on with it. This means you get to avoid lots of upfront costs and can started right away. Think about it, if part of your business plan involves agriculture you’d need to go to a company like and purchase farm equipment, pay for the staff to run it, fuel and everything else. If you outsourced, you’d pay a flat rate and all of this would be included in the price.

Attract investors to your business

If you have a great business idea but really need cash upfront to get started, why not seek out an investor? You can offer them shares in your business and future profits in exchange for cash up front. Your investor will also act as a mentor in many cases. There’s a lot of competition for this kind of help so you will need to stand out. Be ready to answer any difficult questions and practice your pitch until it’s spot on.

Prepare for leaner financial times

When it comes to business, there’s always some risk of things going wrong. A small error in your marketing, product materials, pricing or anything else could mean that enough sales aren’t being made. Influences outside of your control like tax season leaving people short of money or recessions can occur too. You could be burgled, a fire or flood could devastate your workplace, or an important piece of equipment that you rely on might wrong. It’s worth having some emergency cash as a buffer to fall back on just in case, and the right insurance

Know where to save and where to spend

As a bootstrapped business you have to be incredibly careful what you do with your limited money resources, and this does mean scrimping and saving in some areas. Until you’re turning a decent profit and making enough money to get by it means being savvy in some places- however there are a few areas that you shouldn’t try to make savings on. These things are fundamental to the success of your business, and trying to save money here is likely to result in your business failing before you’ve even got started. Your website for example is the first thing most customers will see, and if it looks amateur they’ll assume the rest of your company is run in the same way. Marketing is another area you can’t really make savings, if you don’t promote correctly you’ll never reach enough customers. And of course, your product or service is crucial- don’t make cuts to manufacturing or materials that will affect the quality of what you’re selling.

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