How to Keep Your Marketing Team Satisfied at Work

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How to Keep Your Marketing Team Satisfied at Work

Sales and marketing is often one of the most difficult roles to fill within an organization, however, these roles are also the most crucial. It often takes a special kind of employee to make a success out of a career in the marketing and sales department. Once you have recruited a team of the best sales and marketing professionals, it’s vital that you ensure that there are steps in place to ensure that they are satisfied and motivated in the workplace in order to minimise turnover and keep your department running smoothly.

Getting to Know Your Team

In order to get the most from your sales and marketing team, it’s important to get to know them. As well as getting to know them as a team and learning what works best for them as a collective, it’s also important to ensure that you also get to know them as individuals. Since each member of your team will be motivated by different things, getting to know and understand them each individually is a great way to make sure that you offer a range of incentives which will work for everyone. Conducting an employee survey is a great option if you have a large team, as it allows you to gain feedback from each member in a short amount of time.

Good Communication

Good, regular communication between you and your marketing team is vital in order to ensure that they are satisfied at work and motivated to do their best, leading to a more productive workforce. Being an approachable boss means that members of your team will feel that they can come and speak to you with any complaints, problems, or even suggestions that they might have regarding their team and their role. When the communication is good, the productivity also tends to be much improved.


Working in marketing is often a job for the creative; therefore, it’s good to be aware that the majority of your sales and marketing team members will have a lot of their own ideas when it comes to new marketing campaigns and attracting new customers. Involving your employees is one of the best ways to keep them motivated, as working on their own ideas will definitely give them a great sense of involvement in the workplace and is a sure fire way to ensure that they feel valued and appreciated.


Recent surveys have shown that a large percentage of employees feel that training is the most important factor when it comes to job satisfaction. Giving your marketing team the option to undergo further development and training opportunities is essential in order to keep them motivated and encourage loyalty to your company and brand. Research shows that employees who are offered development opportunities and the chance of promotion are not only more likely to be productive, but also to stick around for longer.

Keeping your marketing team motivated should definitely be a priority for any business. When your marketing team is satisfied at work, you will start to see much better results.

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