Keep The Customers Happy!

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Keep The Customers Happy!

The age old moniker says that the customer is always right. You need to keep them happy. They are the people giving you their money, so to keep this occurring try your hardest to ensure they leave your store or your website happy. Nobody wants the problem of unhappy customers. But it is how you deal with it that truly matters. You could have the worst complaint ever, yet if you deal with it in the right way you can mitigate any and all kinds of fallout. You may have considered the best ways to keep customers happy. There are many and they are varied, but there is no foolproof guarantee. The trick is in managing each situation as you see fit instead of using a blanket approach. These tips can help you come to this conclusion.

Offer Different Payment Options

Some people like to pay cash, others card, some people are in a rush and want to use mobile contactless. Cater for everyone and they will all be happy. If you run a high end store where things are quite expensive you may want to consider using a finance payment option, you can find out more at If you allow the usage of all of these methods, depending on what you sell, you are mitigating cause for concern and complaint. Also, if something breaks down you have alternative methods for taking payment other than just cash, keeping you covered.


Always Give Refunds

You should always make sure that you give refunds when a customer wants to bring something back. This is to ensure that they go away happy. You may think that they are in the wrong, and sure, you have to do your best to stop people from conning you. Yet there are ways around this. Just try to always give refunds when they are requested or needed. This increases trust. People talk and word will get around. If you offer refunds people will be far more confident in giving you a try and purchasing from you. It is about letting people know that you are open to feedback and happy to keep them happy. If they know this, they will buy more from you.

Use Goodwill

You need to use goodwill to show people you are sorry, but also to ensure they come back. If you or a member of your workforce gives really bad, damaging service and someone complains, give them a gift card. Chances are they will spend more than the gift card amount so that you still make a profit. Doing this shows you understand your mistake and that you are trying to make it right. Don’t be one of those businesses who always think they are tight. Interact with customers and and be free with your goodwill. It will be much appreciated and keep people happy and coming back regardless of one bad instance of service. You can add a personal touch by attaching it to a sorry card and sending it to their address or instead use an e voucher if you are operating on online store.


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