Is Your Company’s Employee Morale Plummeting?

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Is Your Company’s Employee Morale Plummeting?

A business cannot be expected to do well unless the people working there are happy and motivated. Therefore, if you are seeing your profits tumbling recently, could it be due to a plummeting employee morale? As this is a downhill road, it is definitely something that you need to find out for sure and address accordingly. The first step in that process would be to consider all the common causes that usually lead to lowered morale in a company and see if any of them applies to the situation at hand.

Undetermined Goals

Goals are what drives each and every one of us, every day of the week, be it in our professional or personal lives. Sometimes, those goals are subconscious and instinctive, so we don’t even realize that they are driving us, but within a company framework, the objectives for each and every employee need to be clear, defined, and transparent. This gives them purpose and, therefore, is key in keeping productivity high. If the goals are not clear and they keep getting changed, morale immediately goes down alongside productivity, because they are not sure what to put their energy into or whether that energy will be a complete waste when the higher authorities change the goals unceremoniously.

Safety Issues

No one can be productive in a work environment if they don’t feel safe there. Now, depending on the nature of the business in question, safety hazards can come in many forms, especially in factory and construction settings. If there have been a few frequent accidents at work recently, rest assured that it will affect the collective employee morale quite severely. Attend the Seminarfest safety training seminar and see what the signs are which should be sufficient for you to conclude that your employees need basic and advanced safety training. It turns any potentially dangerous workplace into a much safer environment for everyone working there. This would automatically boost employee morale, confidence, and productivity.

Inappropriate Recruitments and Assignments

There are multiple aspects to this and they have been collectively found to be responsible for bringing down company morale. The very first and common situation is where an overqualified employee is recruited for a job that wastes his/her talents. The second scenario sees a talented, but misplaced employee, who should have been reassigned elsewhere to maximize his/her productivity. The third scenario sees an underqualified or inadequately prepared employee being recruited or promoted to a position which he/she cannot handle properly. This naturally brings down both their own morale and confidence, as well as that of the others around them, as they feel the assignment or recruitment was unfair.

Communication Problems

In order for a company to succeed, communication amongst its employees need to be fluid and fast. While the adoption of appropriate technology has greatly managed to take care of this aspect of business, the end results ultimately depend on the employees at various levels. It doesn’t matter how low a worker is in the hierarchy, he/she needs to feel like a part of the team and should have the freedom to communicate freely and as deemed necessary by him/her. If that feeling is absent in the lower tiers, morale is certainly not going to be high, especially at the grassroot level.

Note that this isn’t a comprehensive list and there are other causes that can lead to low employee morale, but these are definitely the most common ones that the higher-ups need to look out for and address as soon as possible.

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