Is Your Business Instagram Ready?

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Is Your Business Instagram Ready?

In the twenty first century, the emergence of social media has been nothing short of stratospheric. The importance of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for your startup cannot be underestimated. Social media is a platform to give your venture visibility and allows you to compete with your already established industry rivals. While Facebook and Twitter are imperative to any business, it is Instagram that gives you that extra visual element. This is key for those entrepreneurs who work in creative fields and who sell products that are aesthetically pleasing. Take a look at why Instagram could be vital in driving up sales for your venture.

Customer Base

Instagram has millions of users. This is millions of potential customers worldwide who will come face to face with your brand. Master the art of the hashtag, and you could find clientele from all over the world getting in touch and enquiring about your products. While not filter free, Amaro, Lo-Fi and Sierra filters can bring your product to life. You are creating an aspirational feel for your potential customer base. This makes them want to part with their cash and obtain the little solution to a problem that you have on offer. Building a strong reputation through Instagram is crucial if you are to expand your customer base.

Making Your Business More Human

With Instagram allowing comments and responses to anything you post, you will inevitably find potential customers conversing with you and getting in touch. This means that you will need to find your brand’s voice. The chances are that this will be less formal than the usual email ad campaigns and snail mail promotions that you might undertake. Instead, you need to be more conversational, responsive and relevant. Communicating with potential customers allows you to enjoy some free market research opportunities. If you are too busy to respond to comments, you could employ some social media marketing specialists to promote your brand on your behalf.

Free Promotion And Post Sharing

Post relevant and high quality content and people will share it. This is the most effective way to get your posts to appear in the ‘Top’ page of hashtags. If you sell custom made baby tee shirts, research the best hashtags to use. People follow hashtags, so ensure that you mention that you are a business and that you have plenty of items for sale. Post sharing could quickly generate a viral type feel leading to massive exposure for your brand.


The more followers that you have on Instagram, the more successful your business is becoming. On a  deeper level, you can analyse the growth of your followers, check out the demographics of your followers, and work out how many are being directed to your website through this social media platform. If you are generating sales from one particular Instagram post, it makes sense that you will post more like it. Analysing your social media posts and their success is vital if you are to use Instagram to maximum effect.

Instagram is a free social media platform for businesses to utilise. Get it right, and you could find your startup more Instagram ready than even the market leaders of your sector.


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