International Growth: What’s Stopping Your Small Business?

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International Growth: What’s Stopping Your Small Business?

Every business owner wants their business to be as big and successful as it possibly can be. So, what’s stopping you from pushing for international growth? It might seem like a high aim, but if you’re already doing well at the national level, it makes sense to be considering international options.

There are many things that can hold business owners back from pushing forward with such plans. And we’re going to look into them in more depth now. We’ll consider how they might be overcome and why you should put in the effort to achieve international growth for your brand.

A Small Mindset

It could be your mindset that you’ve got wrong. If you don’t have a clear idea of what you want your business to achieve going forward, you will never get to the international stage. Don’t be too mired in your current circumstances. Just because your business is small now, that doesn’t mean you can’t have big ambitions for it going forward. Reach for the stars. Otherwise, you’ll remain in gutter!

Knowledge of Other Territories

There are plenty of other territories out there for you to sell your products or offer your services in. But if you don’t have an understanding of those local markets and how they operate, you might be unsure about getting onboard. That’s only natural, and it’s good to be cautious. Strong research and a team of contacts on the ground will help you to overcome most of those kinds of problems.

International Growth

Key Skills

If you’ve never operated a company on that large a scale, a lack of key skills might be what’s holding you back. That’s nothing to be ashamed off. If you’ve never run an international company before, why would you have all the required skills? You could study for an msc in international business if you want to gain more skills. It could give you the launching off platform you need right now.


Funding is another thing that often stops business owners pushing for those international heights. If you don’t have the money to expand your operations, the outcomes for your company won’t be great. And there is no sense in putting your business in danger. However, you can find financing from investors if you believe your company has a real shot at achieving things in foreign territories. Don’t rule that options out.


It’s only natural to want to conserve what you’ve already built. And it’s true that trying to expand your business overseas means taking big risks. You can’t achieve greatness without taking risks along the way; that’s just the way it is. Conservative ways of thinking won’t pay off in the long-term, though. You need to balance risk and pragmatism. But don’t lean too heavily on either one.

All of the things mentioned above are legitimate concerns that business owners have when considering an expansion. However, they can all be overcome. And they must be overcome if you want your company to eventually become a player on the global stage.

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