Instagram Tools: The Top 10 Tools Recommended for Business Growth

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Instagram Tools: The Top 10 Tools Recommended for Business Growth

Growing your target audience is a critical part of driving your company’s growth. Understanding how to make that happen can be confusing at times, especially if you are uncertain what tools are available for gathering the data you need to decide how successful your strategies currently are. Socialrocketer, for example, recently published their top Instagram tools list that can push you in the right direction. Here we’ve looked at many Instagram tools and gathered the ones we recommend for getting your Instagram account where you want it in terms of numbers and engagement.

  1.  Magic Social

With more than 500 million active Instagram accounts worldwide, don’t you want to have as many of those users as possible following you? Magic Social can target users who are interested in the types of product or service that you offer. Its powerful program allows you to connect with that targeted audience and get them interested in your brand.

  1.  SocialSteeze

Some of the most useful Instagram growth tools are those that help you get real followers quickly and without a hassle. SocialSteeze does all of the hard work of gaining an organic following for you, allowing you to focus on more important things such as managing your overall marketing campaign and delivering excellent customer service.

  1. helps you to capitalize on the benefits of using hashtags as part of your marketing strategy.  By finding relevant and trending hashtags in your industry or niche, you can garner the attention of influencers, reach out to new audiences, and maintain your relevance with the audience you’ve already earned.


Speaking of hashtags, helps you find popular hashtags to follow based on things your consumers are interested in. Not only can you boost your engagement numbers, but you can increase your brand visibility. Still not sure about the value of such a tool? Maybe you didn’t know that hashtags can produce twice as much engagement on a post versus a post without any hashtags.

  1. Brand24

Brand 24 is something you will want to explore when your business hits the big time on Instagram. Manually monitoring all of your company’s social media mentions might seem a problem worth having, but you will want to use that knowledge to know what customers are saying about you.  Your social media management team can use the tool to gather information, make strategic marketing moves, and remain good standing with your target consumer base with optimal customer service.

  1.  Combin

Combin is an excellent tool because it is multifaceted. It assists you in finding potential followers’ profiles, manage your growing audience, and even do the work of overseeing your likes. It can also analyze your followers and users, helping you make informed decisions about your Instagram postings and overall engagement.

  1.  Social Insight

Social Insight does exactly what its name implies. By providing you and your marketing team with real insight about your Instagram account, from engagement, growth, and interactions, you can grow your audience and improve your brand’s awareness. It also allows you to schedule and post from your computer and manage your followers as well.

  1. is another tool that you can use to get Instagram followers quickly. You don’t always have the time to go and find real followers, so while you focus on other aspects of your Instagram account or other aspects of your business, will do the hard work to get you real followers and grow your audience. The free tools offered by SocialGoneViral can help your company achieve the goal of social listening so that you can respond quickly and readily to both positive and negative feedback.

  1.  Upleap

Upleap provides a dedicated account manager who knows and understands you and your business to work with you. That manager’s goal is to develop the audience you want and need to build your following and improve your brand visibility. Your point of contact can be invaluable in helping answer questions and provide you with regular updates. Upleap customers report seeing up to 300 percent faster growth on Instagram.

  1.  Sprout Social

Sprout Social can help you manage your Instagram account by creating and scheduling posts in advance. You can grow your audience by publishing more posts and reach and grow your audience day and night. Not only does it let you manage and schedule posts, but it gives you information that helps you know the best times to post, all of your contact history with an individual, and much more.

What are the tools you’ve used successfully to promote your business’s growth? Share your thoughts here.


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