Innovative Ways That Your Business Can Give Back

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Innovative Ways That Your Business Can Give Back

Being a new kid on the block in a new neighbourhood can be difficult to get used to, but if your business wants to make a good impression in the local community, then you need to get your face out there! Days where your employees volunteer under your business name in the community, or your business making donations to the local projects can be good days for your company. Contributing to your community and giving back can make a huge difference to your profit line and customer base, while having an excellent impact on the engagement of both your customers and employees alike. We’ve got some great ideas that you can start putting into practice right now!



The Green Light

Your company is going to be one that is ethical and gives back to the environment, and the best way that you can do that is to go green. Implementing kitchen composting in your business offices and starting a bicycling scheme can help to give back to the environment and promote greener living among your company and community. If your customers see that you are a company that gives back, they’ll be more inclined to buy from you.

Hold An Auction

Raising money for a cause that you care about in the community can really raise your business profile. Customers are far more inclined to spend their money with a business who has a philanthropic purpose. Raising awareness for a cause raises awareness for your business and gives you a PR boost. Holding a penny auction for engraved bricks as part of your office building can really help your company to be in the spotlight for good in the community, while giving other small businesses a shout out. Giving the local community businesses some exposure can mean you get their approval and they will recommend your services. Win win!


Give Away Your Stuff!

Okay, not really, but you could do this with your older models. If you create a product rather than a service and you decide to upgrade as time goes on, you could easily take your leftover stock that is unsellable and bring it to local youth groups and other community groups that need equipment. Of course, this will all depend on the product that you create, but many charities out there wouldn’t turn down anything you could donate.

Open Space

If you could open up your office space for the weekend for community projects and charity drives, you would bring yourself a lot of good brand and marketing awareness while giving back to the community around you. It can prove your commitment to the local community, giving back and making others happy.

If you make a point of having a business that can support other companies around them, you can use your collective PR to boost each other up and make your local area solid and supportive of each other’s business ventures. Don’t be afraid to approach competition, either, as you can boost each other up on your business blogs!


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