Increase the CTR with Google Advanced Snippets

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Increase the CTR with Google Advanced Snippets

Every day, search technologies expand and give more opportunities to both webmasters and users. If earlier we could increase traffic to the site due to its optimization and creating incoming links, now Google gives us another tool – extended snippets (so-called Rich snippets).

In simple terms, Rich snippets are more detailed descriptions of web pages (documents).
Since each search engine seeks to make search results more useful and informative for users, extended descriptions of web pages are more relevant than ever.

Extended snippets do not participate in ranking and do not affect search results. They have only one task – to attract user`s attention, giving more information on search stage.
Another positive side of using such a technology is increasing the trust of users by providing them with reliable information. Therefore, do not underestimate their effectiveness.

Correct snippet significantly increases traffic of the site, multiplying transitions through the links in the SERP. Also, search engines take into account behavioral factors. Depending on this, positions of your site are also changed on request.

Therefore, a properly composed snippet helps a lot in promoting a resource if it specializes in:

1. Mobile apps.
2. Author’s content.;
3. Audio and video content.
4. Culinary recipes.
5. Events organization.
6. Online shopping.

In this case, you will need to configure advanced snippets, which can show additional information (the price of goods or services, photo etc.).

Snippets are compiled automatically by search engines. However, each webmaster can edit them.
Google, Bing and Yahoo! give the chance to your recipe, webinar or article to be noticed by searching users: any site can use advanced descriptions of web pages, an excellent reference section and drafts at

The results of the experiments point that if you keep the same positions for keywords in search results, after applying advanced snippets of the page, the number of transitions increased.

Do not miss the opportunity to attract more visitors than your competitors who do not know or do not believe that a showy page snippet can significantly affect this point.

Welcome the following infographics on content marketing to find out how advanced snippet of the site affects its progress and improves behavioral factors of users:

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Infographic: Increase the CTR with Google Advanced Snippets

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