Improving Your Motorcycle’s Performance

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Improving Your Motorcycle’s Performance

If you have a motorcycle, then you probably love to head out as often as possible to make the most of it. Even if it is a recent purchase, there will soon be the drive to start looking at ways that you can personalize and improve how the machine runs. It becomes easy to sink a lot of cash into making the bike perfect. But, do you need to spend so much when a few smaller and cheaper changes would suffice?

Here are a couple of tips that you can use to improve your motorcycle’s performance without breaking the bank.

Shop Around

This is the most essential tip. If you have the time to shop around to find the parts you are looking for, it is inevitable that you will be able to find yourself great deals. Aftermarket and replacement parts are often sought after items, so heading to somewhere like Solo Moto will guarantee you the quality and price point you are looking for.


This is another area you will need to work on before you get at your bike with wrenches and air filters. While you may know how to ride your motorcycle beautifully, you could probably do with some extra knowledge when it comes to preparing, repairing, and replacing parts. Use a combination of the manual for the bike and some extensive google time to learn as much as you can about each of the parts you want to work on, the fundamentals of a great ride, and where you can improve your own riding skills too.

Air Filter

This is one of the most commonly used ways to boost the performance of your motorcycle. You will be enhancing the airflow and either maintaining or improving the airflow. Both of those are a big plus when it comes to performance. It is a simple modification that can be done with little time or money. You can buy kits that will run you less than $150, or a simpler air filter for somewhere in the region of $100.

Brake System

If you have been slacking on keeping your brakes in great working order, then you might not notice until you really need them. So aside from regular upkeep, you should also replace your stock lines for stainless steel ones. They will give you an improved control and feel – which is what you are looking for when you make upgrades. Aftermarket brake pads are a given once you change the lines. There are a lot of options so consider what materials your brake discs are made of and buy a set of pads that will compliment that.

You’re looking at around $350-$400 for the pads and lines depending on what you buy, but you can go up from there very quickly.

With anything mechanical to do with your bike, make sure that you consult a professional (or a qualified mechanic friend) to ensure that you have fitted the parts correctly – especially important when it comes to brake system upgrades.


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