Improving The Comfort Of Your Office

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Improving The Comfort Of Your Office

An uncomfortable office could be damaging your productivity. Whilst you don’t need to necessarily invest in spa luxuries, you don’t want your office to feel like a prison either. Here are a few improvements that could be worth considering to make your office a more comfortable environment.

Choose the right layout

The layout of your office is very important. Most offices opt for an open-plan layout because it’s the cheapest option. Open-plan offices can help to encourage communication, but they can also be distracting for types when you may need concentration or privacy. You may be able to find a balance between open-plan and closed off cubicles such as giving everyone their own desks and space whilst not blocking people views with dividers. A private room for one-on-one meetings may also be required.

Try to avoid squeezing desks into tight corners where there may not be enough legroom or elbow room. Also consider where to place phones so that they can be easily reached.

Keep it well-lit

Staring at a computer screen in poor lighting isn’t good for the eyes. Make sure that your office has enough lighting so that people aren’t having to strain to read emails. A bright colour scheme might also help to reflect more light.

Control the temperature

You don’t want the office getting too hot or too cold, as this could be equally distracting. Make sure that there’s a working heating system for the winter. Similarly, when it comes to summer, you may want some air conditioning. Evaporative coolers are ideal for huge open spaces. Fans can be a cheaper option for small spaces.

Invest in comfortable desks and chairs

Chairs and desks shouldn’t be so uncomfortable that they cause aching – this could be a sign that they’re causing long term joint problems. Ergonomic office chairs can help to provide maximum comfort whilst sitting down. Many of these have an adjustable height, which could also prevent you from having to crane over your desk. As for the desk itself, this need to be the right height too so that your legs have enough space beneath. Some offices have started to incorporate stand up desks as an option – these have been found to take a lot of stress off from constantly sitting down. That said, you probably don’t want to be standing up the whole day either, which is why you’ll still want to keep some traditional desks for sitting at.

Use motivational décor

The décor of your office is also important when it comes to comfort. Avoid blank white walls – whilst they keep the office feeling bright, they’re dull and might not motivate you and your staff. On top of using warm colours, consider decorations that could help to motivate people. These could be newspaper clippings of things that you company has done or inspirational quotes. Plants can also help to add a touch of the outside world, which can help to stop people feeling trapped indoors.


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