How to Improve Attendance and Punctuality at the Workplace

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How to Improve Attendance and Punctuality at the Workplace

Every employer expects they get the maximum productivity possible from their employees. This includes getting to their respective jobs on time even when they are under no supervision.

One of the most frustrating things a manager has to go through is dealing with an employee who arrives at work late. In some rare cases arriving at work late may be unavoidable, however, some employees are just chronically late. For many employers, firing such an employee would be the only solution. But hiring and training employees takes time and money, and constantly firing employees could eventually hurt your bottom line. Here are a few methods you can try before resorting to firing an employee.

Set Clear Guidelines

Solving employee lateness starts at the beginning. The company has to have a well laid policy that outlines the working hours and emphasizes why employees should report to work on time. During recruitment every employee should learn the company’s policies and follow them to the letter. If employees have concerns about the company policy, work together to come up with a policy that everyone is comfortable with. You can use random surveys and questionnaires to find out employees’ attitudes towards various workplace issues. These can help you find out about other deeper workplace issues that may be causing attendance issues. Working together with employees to solve a problem is usually better than ruling with an iron fist.

Record Attendance

You need to come up with a way to record every employee’s attendance. Luckily, there are many ways you can record and keep track of employee attendance using various software and devices. These records will help know which employees are always late and spot patterns related to employee attendance. Thanks to modern technology, it is even possible to monitor employee attendance remotely, so try to inform yourself on some of these tools if you’re employees are doing a lot of remote work.

Confront the Employee

If you notice particular employees still have an attendance problem, it is now time to single them out and deal with them directly. Dealing with employees privately is recommended since they will be more likely to open up if they have a problem. It is important to first get to understand why the employee is constantly late. They may have a genuine reason which you may be able to work around. Offer to help if it is possible. Make sure the employee understands the consequences they face if the attendance problem persists. You could also give them recommendations on tools they could use to improve their punctuality problems. You could, for instance, encourage them to visit Lure of Mac and pick an alarm clock application for their smartphone. This tip alone could be all it takes to reverse the situation.


After trying all these tips to improve attendance, you need to recognize and reward any improvement you notice from the employee. You can also establish a reward system for employees with outstanding attendance records. The reward doesn’t have to be something huge or valuable. It just has to provide the necessary motivation for employees to compete for and be meaningful enough for employees to be proud of.

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