The Importance of Investing Time and Effort Into Your Staff Selection Process

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The Importance of Investing Time and Effort Into Your Staff Selection Process

Many small businesses will often consider their recruitment process an inconvenience. Owners will often believe that their time needs to be focused in other areas. After all, they are expanding and extremely busy and this is most likely the reasoning behind taking on more staff in the first place. But neglecting the recruitment process is a huge mistake that often proves costly and ineffective for small businesses. It is essential that you don’t take on the first person who approaches you about a job. Your staff are a huge part of how your company is perceived by the general public. Their interactions with potential customers can often make or break a deal and the way that they engage with their colleagues can either produce a harmonious and collaborative workforce or foster tensions and discomfort in the workplace. Here are a few ways to find the perfect individual for certain positions within your brand.

Staff Selection Process


Payroll is one of the most important positions when it comes to keeping your staff content. Staff who are paid late or the incorrect amount are likely to become increasingly annoyed, as they will feel underappreciated in their position. They may also incur fines or fees for late payment on bills, or have to cancel social plans outside of work due to their wages being put into their accounts late. So, you need someone reliable and organised to fill the position, as well as ensuring that the potential candidate is competent and has the necessary qualifications to complete all of the tasks at hand effectively. Use Portfolio Payroll, a recruitment agency specialised in sourcing out the most competent members of staff looking for work in the field. This will make your life much easier, as someone sorts the best from the rest on your behalf.

Customer Service Assistants

Customer service assistants are the individuals who guarantee that the bulk of individuals coming into your branch for goods or services leave feeling content and happy with their interactions. People often make the mistake of thinking that their work is easy. It is actually the opposite. Customers can often be very difficult or demanding, so you need to take on employees with extreme patience. Your staff should have the problem-solving capabilities to put problems right and the politeness to always communicate with any customers in a professional and caring manner. They should be well spoken and able to answer any potential questions or queries that they may be posed with.

Remember that your staff are an investment. Not only is their work essential to your company’s success, but you will invest a lot of time, cash and effort into training them effectively. So you want to ensure that you get the right people for the job straight off the bat rather than coming to the realisation that someone isn’t ever going to succeed in a given role and having to start from scratch again. It is a good idea to always interview potential candidates before agreeing to take them on. This will allow you to get to know them and check their competency and mannerisms in person before setting them straight to business.

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