How to Punch Above Your Weight with Your Product

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How to Punch Above Your Weight with Your Product

Entrepreneurs and inventors, this is one for you. From the Mackintosh personal computer to the Dyson vacuum cleaner, all of the world’s most famous products had diminutive beginnings. Look at Apple, who started their enterprise in a shed! If you’ve designed a product that you’re looking to take to market with a new and exciting company, there are a number of things you can do to enhance your exposure and increase your sales so that you’re quickly competing with the more established brands, making a name for yourself in a competitive market.


Brand and Market Well


A big part of getting your product off the ground is to work towards it becoming something of a household name. Take Apple, for instance, whose brand – both in terms of the visual logo to the spirit of the company as a whole – was decided upon from the get-go. The vision was there. You’ll need to do the same with your product: think about what you want to achieve, what your product stands for, and what will appeal to consumers through the years. Hire some help if you need it, especially in brand design, and you’ll be well set up to conquer the market.


Streamline Production


Whatever your product, it goes without saying that there will be an element of production from raw materials to the finished product that it’ll have to undergo. Streamlining this process is all about efficiency: establishing the best deals for materials, and using services such as those provided at to utilize the most modern production line machinery out there. Your goal is to raise revenue to the point that you can reinvest to grow your company, so making sure you’re streamlining your operation will sit you in good stead when growing your company.


Concentrate on Sales


Everything about your business is about the sales, meaning how you can sustain a constant stream of orders – and cash flow – through your company so that you can begin to plan how many items you’ll need to produce each month to meet demand. There’s nothing more double-edged than running out of stock: you’ll be pleased to have made so many sales, but you’ll be aware that you’re missing out on vital orders, so ensure you’re on top of the numbers so that your company avoids stagnation – your sales record should always be progressing.


Use Digital Services


If you’re a startup selling a product, the likelihood is you are initially taking your product online, thus accessing international markets where before the advent of the internet this would have to be done over a large number of meetings with retailers around the world. This isn’t to say you shouldn’t conduct those meetings, but focusing your resources on building a fabulous digital presence – whether that be with social media marketing, online advertising, or simply in the design of an enticing and reliable website – will ensure your sales continue to flourish.


Startups selling products can quickly come to punch above their weight given the right planning, so follow these tips to help your business leap from newcomer to an established brand.

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