How to Manage Remote Teams

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How to Manage Remote Teams

Managing remote teams has become the norm, but if you aren’t using the steps outlined in this guide, you are merely brushing the surface of what is possible. You can create a thriving workplace culture. You can improve your management capabilities. You can help your employees help your customers just by using a few simple tools:

Scheduling Work Without Conflicts

One of the most challenging aspects of managing a remote team is workflow management. You don’t want to overload your employees, and you also need to make sure everyone is getting work done effectively and efficiently. You can use project management software to oversee work progress, but before you get to that, you need to assign work without causing scheduling conflicts.

A project management solution can work for those just at home, but if you manage a team that makes house calls to your customers or deals with your suppliers, you will need service dispatch software. This will allow you to assign work orders easily, without overlapping or overloading.

Monitoring Progress Remotely

If you interrupt someone’s workflow to ask for an update, you are causing a huge disruption in their progress. It pulls their attention, it causes minutes, if not hours, to go by while you get a good understanding of where they are, and it can be hard to get back into the flow afterward.

That is why it is important to monitor remotely. Project management software can help you create unique workflows that allow your employees to update their progress without you needing to physically ask for updates as time goes on. If they seem to be struggling, then get in touch.

Use Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is one of the best ways to keep employees engaged, even if they put themselves on mute and don’t need to contribute anything. We respond to human voices, and for those who work from home alone it will be a great way to stay social and connected to their team.

Use Cloud-Based Workflows

Forget emailing back and forth with updates. By using a cloud-based application real-time updates can be made. Two team members can work on the same document and see the updates happen on their screen as the other member makes a change. They can work directly on the document and use an instant messaging system to really streamline remote collaboration.

Use an Intranet Solution

Intranet solutions are ideal for big businesses, as it allows for teams to keep in touch with others in the business. It also allows employees to really make their mark as a top performer by providing every employee with their own profile, the ability to message other team members (for example, if they need advice or want a new opportunity). They can post their own articles, news updates, and so on. It’s how to keep your employees social, while encouraging everyone to further their professional careers.

Managing remote teams is not impossible, but it does require a new way of thinking. It is also always changing, so be open to any suggestions from your employees on how they think that you can improve the company culture, managing style, or efficiency.

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