How to Keep Your Best Employees Onboard

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How to Keep Your Best Employees Onboard

Finding the right kind of employees for a position can definitely be challenging. That’s why so many employers try to avoid the dreaded draft that happens when an employee would like to jump ships and look for opportunities elsewhere.



Back in the days, this was rather rare and people were likely to stay with the same company for years – today, on the other hand, the young and restless would like to see what’s out there.


It makes sense, though, and your company certainly won’t be able to keep any of them onboard unless it takes some measures to make it a great place to work. Here is a handful of ways to make your current team as happy as possible and even ensure that you attract a few bright talents if and when a team member should choose to leave.

Give them feedback


Believe it or not, but people actually value other things than money. We go to work to make a living, though, but that doesn’t mean you can’t offer them other things of value.


Feedback is one one of those things many employees would like more of, but very few of them receive enough of; be one of those excellent bosses who follows through with the feedback they promise.


It applies to other areas in your business too and has a lot to do with transparency. Provide your team with the results of your latest customer surveys, for example, include them in solving company-wide issues, and make sure their voices are heard.


Employees tend to stick to companies where they have a connection with the management, and the brightest heads prefer a flatter structure above the top-down style.


Encourage employee learning


A company culture that values knowledge is usually the best kind of culture to work and grow in, as a person. You can pull this off by hosting frequent lunch-and-learn where you offer both free lunch and a proper guest speaker to address the kind of business issues your employees may face.


It’s a great asset to your company as well, by the way, and it will definitely make it a much more attractive place to work as your employees have the opportunity to continue learning and prospering.


Keep in mind, however, that how you reject the ones who would like to work for your company also has a lot to say in terms of your business’ reputation. Have a look at this article on how to write a proper job rejection email and you’ll be off to a great start.


Show a genuine interest


When you think about the quality of a good leader, what comes to mind first? A lot of people say strength, determination, a drive to succeed, et cetera, and while these qualities are great to have, they’re not necessarily what makes a good leader.


To be a popular boss, you need to be a people’s person. Chat to your team members, listen to their concerns, and go out of your way to help them solve problems that are not work-related. Remember that they have a life outside of the office too – and it’s usually this life that determines whether they show up for work in a good mood or not.


A healthy balance between life and work is usually what it takes to keep us happy in the middle of a hectic Wednesday. Take time to listen to their problems, and show a genuine interest in their lives – it costs you no money at all, and you’ll be the kind of boss everyone loves working for.


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