How to Invest in the Right Medical Equipment for Your Business

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How to Invest in the Right Medical Equipment for Your Business

This year has been a time to reflect on the health and wellbeing of your employees and your family. With much of the year spent caring for your family in the unprecedented circumstances of a global pandemic and its resultant lockdown, we’re only now coming to terms with our health obligations towards employees at work. In this short article, we’ll take a look at the best provisions you can have in place in order to protect your employees – making them feel safe and valued when they’re in your place of work.


Personal protective equipment, or PPE, is one of the many new words to enter the lexicon this year. With the coronavirus transmitted through the air between humans, often in enclosed spaces, it’s vital that your team have access to the kind of PPE that doctors and nurses regularly wear. This encompasses gloves, masks and head visors – as well as the Perspex panels that you can fit between desks in your workplace.

When you’re looking for the right PPE to bring in to your workplace, you should consult with your staff to understand their needs. Many of your staff members will already have masks – but few will have visors. Some will be happy to wear gloves throughout the day, while others won’t. Your consultation with your staff will ultimately show them that you care about their health and wellbeing during this strange year.

First Aid

Meanwhile, this is also a time to double-down on your current first aid provisions – helping your staff to feel protected, safe and secure in the workplace. Your new planning for first aid provision is twofold: you need to train more staff in the art of first aid and emergency injury response, and you need to invest in the materials your staff need to protect themselves from injuries.

Training staff in first aid is easy; you can simply send them to a first aid course, paid for by your firm, to get them accredited. When it comes to finding the right high-quality wound dressing or other bandages to have at hand in your office, look to professional and well-regarded companies to purchase your medical materials from.

Other Emergency Gear

When you consider the risks in your place of work, you may find that it’s difficult to determine which hazards are present in your place of work that will actually cause significant harm to your staff members. Often, this is the case: offices are unlikely to injure your staff to a dangerous degree.

Yet, nonetheless, threats persist in your office. For instance, staff members might be vulnerable to strokes, fits or heart attacks. A defibrillator is becoming increasingly common in offices to help save the lives of those having heart issues at work. Meanwhile, notice boards sharing staff members’ food allergies, and any medical conditions they might have, helps to share knowledge around your staff to keep each and every worker protected from illness and sickness in the workplace.

Take your employees’ health seriously this year by investing in some of the materials above, ensuring that they’re safe when they come into work.

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