How to Improve Your New Home with Little Money

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How to Improve Your New Home with Little Money

Moving into a new home is always an exciting time in your life. Whether it is the first place you have moved to since leaving your parents’ house, starting to live with a partner for the first time, or downsizing in your retirement for a more peaceful life, the thrill of starting over never gets old.

A new home can offer people a new lifestyle and outlook on life, but it can be a costly change of pace. This useful guide has put together some of the key things you can do to improve your new home even if you have limited financial resources. By following the advice in this article, you can achieve the home of your absolute dreams without having to break the bank or wait until you win the lottery.

Rent what you need, don’t buy yet

The biggest expense when moving into a new place is white goods, like fridge-freezers, microwaves, and ovens. One way to cut the costs of these down is to look into the possibility of rent-to-own kitchen appliances. These pay monthly kitchen appliances allow you to spread to cost of buying new white goods over several months so that your bank balance doesn’t have to take a colossal hit and it means you can use them as soon as possible, rather than having to wait until you have saved up enough money to buy them outright.

The furniture reclaim is your new best friend

New furniture is always a big cost to consider as well, but if you can learn how to upcycle furniture with paint and other simple methods, then you can have a unique and beautiful home without having to fork out for lots of bespoke items. Take a weekend trip down to the furniture reclaim and see what there is that you might like. Places like this attract all kinds of people, and the chances are that you will be able to find what you’re looking for in no time.

Then, take a detour on the way home to pick out some paint (and some sandpaper to make sure the paint takes to your new items) so that you can customize your new pieces. This is great if you like working with a specific color scheme so that you can make everything match, but it is also good if you have a creative streak and like to create one-off, artistic pieces.

Make it feel like there is more space

Taking the time to work out how to make a small home feel bigger is always worthwhile as it will make your new home seem more inviting and be better to live in.

Think about painting the walls in a color that reflects the natural light and hanging mirrors around the place to add some depth. Another great idea is to think about what creative storage solutions might be useful for your home, as nothing can make a place look small more than a mess.

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