How to Come Out Better as a Professional from the Other Side of the Lockdown

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How to Come Out Better as a Professional from the Other Side of the Lockdown

Let’s face two facts head on and state them as they are – staying at home for months at a stretch is not as easy as it sounds, and working from home is even harder when there is a pandemic going on, which has essentially halted most business operations across the globe.

The situation is a dire one, irrespective of where you might be located in the world, albeit in varying degrees of course. However, the pandemic will pass in due time and the lockdowns will lift. What will matter then, from a professional perspective, is how you have spent these weeks in isolation.

Start preparing for the days ahead, so that you can come out on top at the end of the lockdown. Read on as we discuss a few ideas with you, shared by experts from various sections of the industry to keep the workforce strong and active during these trying times.

Take the Work-From-Home Model Seriously

It is both common and understandable that a lot of people are having a hard time adjusting to the new work-from-home model, but they need to take it more seriously. To explain why that’s important, let’s identify the reasons why people are not serious enough about the work-from-home model in the first place:

  • We are creatures of habit and most people are not habituated with work-from-home models
  • The so-called “model” is non-existent in most cases, as very few people have any idea how to organise it
  • The lockdowns were sudden, abrupt, confusing and indefinite, which did not give people much time to prepare for it
  • Some work just cannot be completed online or on a call

Now, these are all serious concerns, and now that they have been identified, let’s dive into the reasons behind why taking the online working model seriously is going to become more and more important with each passing day:

  • The lockdowns are indefinite and necessary since people are being afflicted by the hundreds of thousands every week
  • They are going to stay in place for an indefinite amount of time
  • Given that commerce cannot cease completely and indefinitely, online work models must be adopted by everybody
  • Those that have already taken their work from home sessions seriously will better adjust to the changes
  • If you are going to have to work without contact indefinitely, adapt and get started in developing a work-from-home model for yourself

Pursue an MBA

An MBA from a good college is one of the most versatile professional qualifications that anyone can study, which means that whether you are a lawyer, a business undergrad or a business owner, if you don’t have your MBA yet, now is the right time to get started. Given that online education is going to be the only option for education in general, why not get started on your program right now?

As there are a lot of fraudulent online MBA courses out there, always go with a well-known name that boasts of verifiable accreditations. Click here to check out Aston University’s online MBA program, which was ranked as 12th in the whole world last year.

Build a Home Office or Augment It

Home offices are going to be crucial for the foreseeable future now, so invest a bit in building up your home office beyond its current capacity. In case you do not have a home office yet, dedicate some space to it as soon as possible! Make sure that you have access to everything you may need to keep working in your home without issues, just in case another lockdown is necessary. A few ideas for the perfect home office are shared below:

  • High-speed internet access from at least two sources, if not more
  • Wi-Fi signals with high-speed routers to keep all your smart devices connected
  • Complete surge protection to protect your electronics during storms or occasional voltage irregularities
  • Backup power generator for blackouts
  • A whiteboard for keeping live track of the projects/work at hand, etc.
  • Proper lighting with spare lights
  • Comfortable, ergonomic seating arrangement
  • Weather control: Air conditioning or heating, as necessary and applicable

Don’t forget to stay active physically as well, because a large number of health issues can develop from physical inactivity itself, including a weakened immune system. To come out as a better professional on the other end of the lockdown, it is essential to keep both the mind and the body active at home

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