How to Build and Steer a Productive Team in Your Small Business

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How to Build and Steer a Productive Team in Your Small Business

Hiring employees requires a lot of time and effort. In some cases, it can also cost a lot of money. However, adding people to your payroll is only the beginning of the challenge of building and managing a team.

To maximize the value of your business’ human resources, you must intentionally convert your employees into a functional team. Of course, this is easier said than done.

Use the following tips to build and steer a productive team in your small business.

Recognize individual strengths

You don’t have to achieve uniformity to create a unified team. Instead, accept the fact that each person you hire has unique characteristics that can complement those of others.

To begin with, everyone draws from different backgrounds and experiences that can help your company achieve a high level of performance. Such diversity can also stimulate innovation.

Encourage your employees to share their perspectives when you need to solve problems or brainstorm new products. Simply put, you can make better decisions when you draw upon the strengths of each individual.

Also, when you position each of your workers according to their strengths, you can optimize quality and efficiency. Furthermore, your team members can learn from each other, helping to strengthen each other’s weaknesses.

Share your vision

You can also unify your employees into a productive team by sharing your vision. When everyone knows what you’re trying to achieve, they can feel better about getting personally involved in their work.

Although you should share your tangible goals in terms of sales, profitability, and market share, describe your desired company culture. Get your employees excited about creating a healthy workplace environment.

Additionally, let your employees know about the challenges your company is facing and invite them to help you find solutions. Likewise, make planning for the future a team effort.

Even share unpopular plans with your team. Regardless of whether you decide to downsize or sell your business, keep your team members informed of your intentions.

Use “we,” not “I”

You might’ve heard the saying, “There’s no ‘I’ in ‘Team’.” If you believe that, put it into practice.

To have a productive team, talk like your business is a team effort. So, stop using “I” while talking about things that affect your business and your team.

Simply by using the pronoun, “we,” you communicate that you are working with your employees as a team to achieve common goals. When it’s all about the team and not just about you, your employees will naturally work harder, longer, and smarter.

In addition to changing the way you talk about your business, change the way you work. Let your employees see that you’re not afraid to work hard. Also, when you make mistakes, take responsibility.

When your team members see that you practice what you preach, they’ll willingly mimic your behaviors and attitudes.

Use automation

Smart managers will give their workers the necessary tools to become more efficient and productive. So, look for tools that automate redundant tasks and extend the capabilities of your employees to do more in less time.

Automating your business can do a lot more than boosting the productivity and profitability of your firm. It can also reduce workplace stress and help your team members a chief a healthy work/life balance.

Look for cloud-based tools that can automate your sales and marketing processes. You should also find software that gives your customers self-service support options. When you do, you can increase customer satisfaction and retention while focusing your employees on revenue-producing activities.

Additionally, look for tools that streamline your business processes. These can involve project management applications as well as collaboration apps such as virtual whiteboards.

Engage your employees

Look for ways to keep your employees involved in your daily operations. Keep them involved in their work while encouraging them to think about the future. For instance, use gamification to make work more fun while motivating everyone to do their best.

Using the principles found in video games, you can inspire your team members to participate in training and development opportunities. As a result, you can expect your employees to become more proficient in their current jobs while developing new skills.

Furthermore, acknowledge your team members when they achieve milestones in their training or perform exceptionally well in some regard. By focusing on positive achievements, you can avoid the negativity that can ruin your effectiveness as a manager.

Accelerate onboarding

Find ways to get your new hires active and productive right away. Doing so will reinforce the notion that you run a streamlined business that depends on everyone being productive.

You can set the stage for incremental growth by gradually raising your expectations of your employees. Doing so is good for both you and your team.

First, you will help your employees to overcome their limitations and become better people in their work and personal lives. Second, you reduce recruiting and training expenses through employee retention.

Essentially, by creating a productive onboarding process, you can make your company more productive and profitable over the long run.

In conclusion, you can build a productive team in your business. However, you must implement the above tips and constantly find new ways to improve your organizational culture and internal processes.

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